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Nightmare Fuel / The Nun

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Valak says 'hi'.

  • Sister Irene enters into a dark room whilst unbeknown to her, she was being followed. Just when it seems as though the nun behind her would attack her, when she turns around, a completely different figure ambushes her.
  • The seven second long teaser that was so scary YouTube eventually banned it due to people apparently getting heart attacks from it. In short, if you see the volume bar go to mute, turn off your screen. Now. Or be suddenly subjected to what you see in the page image.
  • "Finit Hic Deo". It’s Latin for "God ends here".
  • The opening scene. Two nuns try to enter the catacombs and stop Valak, one gets mauled to death, and the surviving nun, Sister Victoria, flees and hangs herself before Valak can reach her.
    • Sister Victoria's body is also a frightening sight to behold, having been exposed to the elements for weeks and mauled by birds.
    • Later, it's revealed that they were the only ones left.
  • Valak during the climax, particularly when flashing a Slasher Smile.


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