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Heartwarming / Annabelle Comes Home

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  • The sisterly bond that Mary Ellen and Daniela form with Judy.
  • The girls getting Judy's classmates to show up for her birthday party after they all declined. Daniela even got Anthony (her younger brother that earlier bullied Judy) to come, and he is much nicer to Judy.
  • Lorraine telling Daniela that her father’s ghost doesn’t blame her for the car accident that killed him.
  • The dedication to Lorraine Warren, who passed away two months before the film came out.
  • This exchange. It's Lorraine's smile that makes it.
    Lorraine: You know, when I was about your age I once ran off with a boyfriend for three days without telling my parents.
    Daniela: I unleashed a demon. So not the same thing.
    Lorraine: Well, okay. True.
    Daniela: Does Mr. Warren know about this boyfriend?
    Lorraine: [besotted grin] He was the boyfriend.