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Nightmare Fuel / A Christmas Story

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  • Scut Farkus: with yellow eyes, so help me God! When he first shows up, he's laughing maniacally and chasing Ralphie, Flick and Schwartz.
    • Schwartz's screaming "uncle!" while being tortured is pretty disturbing.
    • Just before that freak gets the beatdown from Ralphie, he taunts the latter with faux-crying. The zoom-in on Scuts face while he does that and the shrill noise he makes is just....*shivers*. Gawd! That's one UGLY kid!
  • The scary department store Santa going into slow motion, with the music in the background slowing down to match. Aided and abetted by the 1st Person POV fisheye camera shots as Ralphie goes up to see him. We see a distorted and fast view of a very bitter Santa (with lurid red nose) and two mean elves! HO... HO... HO.....
  • Schwartz being the victim of quite audible child abuse after Ralphie scapegoats him for the fudge incident. This qualifies more as Narm, since though child abuse is already terrifying in reality, this is done in a humorous, laughable way. Part of it is because the mom sounds like a duck as she's screaming.
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  • The expression on Ralphie's face in the DVD cover for the movie is rather... disturbing.

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