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Fridge Brilliance

  • In addition to "Oh fuuudge" which he heard from his old man, Ralphie also says "Son of a bitch" when he's disappointed over his decoder ring. This is something else he is repeating, since his father does say it earlier in the movie in front of the family.
  • The department store elves are surly and peevish. Makes sense, as it is heavily implied they are department store employees who have been forced to do this crap duty.
  • The Old Man buying Raphie's beloved air gun. It becomes clear later that he wasn't as oblivious to his son's obsession as he let on, and bought the gun offscreen prior to Christmas.
    • Bonus points when you consider Ralphie never discussed the gun with him, unlike every other adult in the movie.
    • Even more points when you realize it was probably also The Old Man's revenge for the Battle of the Lamp.
  • Everything about Ralphie's being an unreliable narrator. Anything post-December 1940 that creeps in, the massive size of the Santa display, the Alleged Car status of the Old Man's two-year-old Olds (which they probably kept through the war), all are as remembered by a man well into his 50s.
  • The gun has "a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time." Considering the technology available in the period, and that it's paired with something that finds North, the "thing that tells time" is almost certainly a sundial.
  • Given the lack of mention to any sort of war and the date on the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, it can be inferred that the film takes place in December 1940. That means Ralphie's next Christmas would be happening in the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor. No wonder he looks back on this Christmas so fondly. Possibly counts as Fridge Horror.
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  • The Old Man's thrill over every minor victory, and his love for the Leg Lamp, makes sense when one considers that The Great Depression would have been the very recent past when this movie takes place, meaning The Old Man would have very clear memories of a chaotic time when even bare essentials were scarce. It makes sense he'd take pride in the few things he can control, and that he'd be so proud of even as tacky a luxury as the Lamp.
  • On a related note, The Old Man's fascination with The Lamp neatly matches Ralphie's own fascination with consumer products like the decoder ring or, of course, The Red Ryder BB Gun itself.
  • Clever use of a rotating sweep pan, a fish-eye lens and distorted music perfectly expresses the chaotic bewilderment a child would actually feel when sitting on Santa's lap.
  • Miss Shields' reaction to Ralphie kissing up... we know he's doing it to curry favor for a good grade on his theme. But it's implied she takes it as Ralphie developing a crush on her, which concerns her.
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  • Scut's final laugh while taunting Ralphie is shallow and forced. It's entirely possible he saw how angry Ralphie was getting and was getting a little worried, possibly even scared.

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