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Mind Screw / Pinball

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  • In Jurassic Park (Data East), when the "System Failure" Wizard Mode starts, the pinball machine itself briefly goes haywire, just like the lab computers in the movie.
  • Demolition Man has the introduction to "Demolition Time", in which the display goes haywire, and finally displays the mode's instructions.
  • Since Family Guy and Shrek are essentially the same game with different artwork, it's possible to do this to unsuspecting players by putting the ROMs for one game into the other.
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  • In Dennis Nordman's White Water, getting the Vacation Jackpot causes the machine to suddenly go quiet, then sound a fire alarm, rapidly showing frames and sound bites from other animations in the game, and only afterward does it tell you the number of points you earned.
  • Similarly, after successfully completing the Stiff-O-Meter in Scared Stiff, the game enters a Blipvert-like sequence, flashing the playfield lights at random while playing random bursts of graphics and sound that looks exactly like the machine's gone haywire.
  • "Midnight Madness" in WHO dunnit (1995), which occurs if a game is started or played at midnight. The machine pretends to malfunction, with the flippers going dead, the balls draining, and the game shuts down. After a few seconds, the game wakes up with MIDNIGHT MADNESS, all four balls are launched, and every shot is worth three million points.

Alternative Title(s): Pinballs