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The Star Wars Insider is the number one magazine for Star Wars fans to turn to. It started back in 1987, and has continued up to the present day. It contains news events, fan fiction, interviews, questions and answers, previews, and more.

Fictional works that magazine features info of:

  1. Indiana Jones: Also featured here. Word of God states that they can't feature IJ in its own magazine, because there's not enough material to make that worthwhile. So you have this lumped with Star Wars and sticking out like a sore thumb.
  2. Star Wars: In case the title didn't tell you.
  3. Star Wars Legends: A number of works based on this are heavily featured here.

This magazine contains examples of:

  • Actor IS the Title Character: Published an issue based around The Force Awakens with a number of individual articles about the characters of the film and the actors playing them, titled variously "Adam Driver is Kylo Ren," "Carrie Fisher is Princess Leia," "Harrison Ford is Han Solo," etc.
  • Short Story: Though, it's been announced that "The Voice of the Empire" is the final short story they will publish in Insider.
  • Television Tie-In Magazines: It contains news events, fan fiction, interviews, questions & answers, previews, and more.