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Auto Trader magazine was founded in 1977 in Reading, Berkshire by John Madjeski, of Reading F.C. manager fame.

Auto Trader UK contains the following tropes:

  • Brand Names Are Better: Very much justified, given its existence. Also, the entire magazine name itself - see I Have Many Names.
  • Fandom: As much so as Twilight, Harry Potter or Justin Bieber, and a small group of automotive hobbyists/geeks even try and make replica versions of the magazine (along with other automotive publications, so a Discussed Trope), along with their photoshopped vehicles.
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  • Iconic Logo: Two of them exist, and they are still memorable today.
  • I Have Many Names: Until 1988, it was known as <REGION HERE> Automart, Midland Motor Mart, Thames Valley Trader. In South Africa, the cover reads Auto, and in (Republic of) Ireland it reads Auto Normally, it was just Auto Trader, before becoming Auto
  • Mascot: The robots from 2009 onwards in the TV adverts.
  • New Look, Same Great Taste!: Not directly said, but used from November 2008, their only other redesign of the Iconic Logo.
  • Sex Sells: A very tame version, with insurance advertisers using pretty, but not scantily-clad women to advertise their service.


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