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The Rho Agenda is a trilogy of science fiction novels (originally released on the Amazon Kindle) set in the present day. While the Roswell UFO incident was the hoax that everyone believed it to be, another incident that occurred a year later in Aztec, New Mexico turned out to be the real deal, in which the U.S. government recovered a crashed alien spaceship and has spent the intervening years attempting to reverse-engineer its technology, in a program known as Project Rho. Now, the government is preparing to release the resulting technologies.


Meanwhile, however, three high-schoolers stumble upon another crashed alien ship, this one indicating that the Rho ship, and it's promised technological advancements may serve a nefarious purpose, and these high-schoolers, aided by some alien technology of the second ship, are set upon stopping the Rho Project.

This series is an incredible example of Shown Their Work, with regard to its descriptions of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and the US Government and Military. This is not particularly surprising, though given that the author holds a Masters Degree in Physics and has a background in the US Army.

The books in this series are:

  • The Second Ship
  • Immune
  • Wormhole


This series provides examples of:

  • A God Am I - While Dr. Stephenson's opinion on himself sometime borders on this, this is played straight with Raul.
  • Badass Bookworm - The main three all become these.
  • Badass Normal - Jack is one of these, going toe-to-toe with various forms of Super Soldiers without having any enhancement of his own.
  • Charm Person - Jen's abilities make her into one of these.
  • End of the World as We Know It - Quite literally the threat in the third book.
  • Intrepid Reporter - Freddy Hagerman
  • Next Sunday A.D.
  • Prophet Eyes - All three of the teenager protagonists have moments of this throughout the series, Heather gets this the most often by far.
  • Seer - Heather abilities turn her into one of these.
  • Super Soldier - Many examples; Jack "the Ripper" is already considered one of these before the series begins, the nanite injection will give anyone super soldier regeneration abilities, and the Second Ship's neural enhancements, with training, can create these as well.
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  • Switching P.O.V.- While Heather generally gets most of the POV, the narration quite regularly rotates between main characters, minor characters, and even single-scene characters.

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