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The Sam Jones series are Exotic Detective novels by Lauren Henderson. Sam is a sculptor, Mystery Magnet, sometime bedhopper and casual cocaine user.

The Sam Jones series has been optioned for US TV.

The novels provide examples of:

  • Casual Kink: Played with, since Sam is not especially kinky but has no problem drinking in a fetish bar. She just happens to be there for the booze.
  • Dressed All in Rubber: In The Black Rubber Dress Sam attends a formal dinner for investment bankers in this.
  • Exotic Detective: The sculptor who solves murders.
  • Friend With Benefits On The Force
  • Improvised Weapon: Sam's sculptures can do a lot of damage.
  • Magic Skirt: In Freeze My Margarita Sam insists her skirt cannot be looked up by simple virtue of being too tight.
  • Mystery Magnet: Lampshaded, Sam is well aware of how weird it is that people keep dying around her and at one point exploits that to intimidate a suspect.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: From the synopsis for Chained
    When Sam Jones wakes up handcuffed in a cellar and with a terrible headache, she naturally assumes she is suffering the aftermath of a great night out.