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Literature / Pseudo-City

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"If only I could erase the future from my memory."
John Jacob Jingleheimer Rabinowitz (a.k.a. The Founder of Pseudofolliculitis City)

A set of short stories by D. Harlan Wilson that take place in a city named Pseudofolliculitis City (or PC for short).

This work provides examples of:

  • Body Horror: In The Kitchen, a salesperson has a kitchen growing on his back and he commits suicide because of it (the kitchen's okay, though).
  • It's Raining Men: More like raining fascists without parachutes.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: The Founder has one, it seems.
  • Space Whale Aesop: Respect any attempt at posing or you'll get hung upside-down by your toes from a random lamppost and whipped with a long, half-cooked piece of linguini for no less than six hours. It's from The Law.
  • Weird Currency: PC's dominant mode of currency is doll hairs. Apparently, The Founder viewed doll hairs as a more compelling form of wealth than paper bills. Justified in that replaced human hair when PC's residents shaved their heads and went on shopping sprees for Rogain (which affected few businesses that didn't sell Rogain); doll hairs could be more effectively regulated.
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  • Violence Is the Only Option: Enforced. In Pseudofolliculitis City, conflicts have to resolved by violent acts; and using nonviolent solutions is illegal.


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