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Minecraft: The Crash is an official Minecraft novel by Tracey Baptiste.

Whether playing Minecraft or working on something in real life, Bianca isn't one for following plans. She'd rather act first and deal with whatever comes later, until she and her more careful best friend, Lonnie, are in a terrible car crash.

Upon waking up at the hospital, Bianca is given the opportunity to play a new VR version of Minecraft that gives her complete control over the world—and also conjures up dangers from her mind. Believing Lonnie to also be in the game, just waiting for her to find and rescue him, Bianca sets off to face her fears and save him—but some actions have consequences that are irreversible.


This book contains examples of:

  • Coming-of-Age Story: The book's main themes are about growing up and learning to deal with consequences, as well as loss and grief.
  • Fisher King: The environment of the VR Minecraft game changes according to the users' moods and insecurities.
  • It's All My Fault: Bianca blames herself for the crash and Lonnie's condition because she talked Lonnie into going with her and distracted him with her phone.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: Bianca's journey mirrors her own mind, and the obstacles she faces are born of her own fears and doubts.
  • Rescued from the Underworld: Bianca thinks that if she saves Lonnie in the game she can save him in real life. It ends up being subverted, as it's really a way for her to deal with losing him.


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