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Mage Life The Tale of a Punch-Clock Mage

A story about Tristan Sodden, a newly minted mage. It follows him starting on his new job as a Junior Mage and dealing with various ordinary problems such a red-faced bosses, irrigation and what to have for dinner.

Written by Tempest and updates every fortnight.

Provides examples of:

  • Creating Life: It is possible for someone of sufficient knowledge to create feeling, thinking life.
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  • Fiery Redhead: Tristan's first sighting of Lyphia literally reduces him to tongue-tied buffoon, barely talking straight. She later shows her temper when she loudly and heatedly explains that she didn't come to her position in the Stone Guild by being the daughter of the Guild Master alone.
  • Floating Continent: The capital city, where the Wizard Council rules from, is this.
  • Functional Magic: All living creatures is born with some form of an inherent magical ability. Some may even cultivate it and make it grow.
  • Glowing Eyes: Every magical being of enough power or skill eventually gain a pair of these.
  • Magic Eater: Gnomes in the setting are this. They are not all that intelligent, roam in packs and cause trouble for the townsfolk and other unsuspecting individuals foolish enough to underestimate them.
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  • The Magocracy: Society in Mage Life appears to be ruled by one of these, living in a distant ominous floating city high above the ocean.
  • Promotion to Parent: Sophia was just Tristan's apprentice at first. Not any more.
  • Supernatural Sensitivity: The main character makes use of additional senses attributed to his capabilities with magic.
  • Weird Trade Union: The Stone Guild is this. As well as the Mages Headquarters, where Tristan goes for his assignments.
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