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The Greek Anthology is a collection of short poems, called epigrams, by a variety of authors. The first epigrams are from roughly 300 BC by Meleager of Gadara, the last ones are from about 900 AD, covering a wide variety of topics ranging from death to laughing at other people.


  • Curiosity Killed the Cast: Someone apparently committed suicide after having read Plato's Phaidon, trying to find out whether the soul really can die or not.
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  • Older Than Feudalism: Jokes about people having their ass for their head have already been cracked this early.
  • The Underworld: Pluto is a legend, there's no escape from the Hades, but at least the oxen are cheap!
  • What Does She See in Him?: One observes that a certain apparently worthless slave was beloved.
  • Wild Card Excuse: One epigram talks about Eros being simply used as an excuse for their actions.


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