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  • Vampire Knight's Kaname and Zero display mild Foe Yay, what with bloodsucking being a sex metaphor, and all.
    • By Vampire Knight Guilty they've added chains.
  • Meanwhile, Zero and his younger twin brother, Ichiru, have more Incest Subtext than you can shake a stick at.
    • In various flashbacks the two can be seen sharing beds, holding hands, touching foreheads, and whispering each other's names.
    • "I want to be one with you, Zero".
    • Before Love Interest Yuuki came along, Zero spent all his time wanting to protect Ichiru.
  • In addition, Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki. There is one scene in the manga, at Ichijo's birthday party, where Shiki "accidentally" cuts Ichijo with the knife while attempting to cut the cake. Cue Shiki, who prefers real blood over blood tablets, commenting on how they shouldn't waste it, licking Takuma's blood off his hand. With an almost lustful expression on his face. Also, their behavior towards each other in general.
    • Also in a bonus manga in volume 4 Shiki is sleeping on Ichijou's shoulder.
  • Hanabusa has a mild Stalker with a Crush relationship with Kaname, offering Kaname his blood, getting crazy jealous of Yuuki, and defending all of Kaname's actions to the end.
    • In the English dub of Vampire Knight Guilty Hanabusa tells Kaname that he hated himself for not being able to admit that... "I love you, Lord Kaname!"
    • It should be noted here that VK fandom seems to consider Aido as being Bi the Way.
  • Shizuka's obsession with Yuuki.
  • From the moment they meet Maria and Yuuki are partial to each other, with Maria insisting on Yuuki protecting her and having no sense of personal space, and Yuuki insisting on Maria's innocence.
    • Maria hugs Yuuki several times and hovers near her the rest of the time.
    • Then there's the infamous Almost Kiss in the theme song.
    • Zero tells Yuuki to stay away from Maria, almost jealously.
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  • Yori (Yuuki’s best friend) has in her profile of the official fanbook, when asked what her "type" would be, she says, "Someone I get when I add Yuuki and Zero, then divide by two."
  • On top of all this, if you look closely there's a guy in line to give Kaname chocolates in the Valentines Day chapter.
  • In Memories chapter 18, after Ren's gender was confirmed to be female, Ai becomes very attached to her after she was born. Throughout the years after their mothers and Zero passed away, they are never seen part and they often cuddled at times. Although it is unknown if they are in relationship or just sibling love.
  • In Memories chapter 19, as Ren began to crave blood, she states that she wants to become one with her half sister, Ai. This is similar how Zero had no choice to drank his twin brother's corpse so his blood can live inside of him.
    • In Memories chapter 20, in Ren's monologue, she considers Ai as her beloved person in her life.
    • In Memories chapter 21, after Ren told Ai about her true feelings for her and how she might not like her anymore if she gets to know her, but Ai doesn't care because she "wants to get to know her". Afterward, Ren drinks Ai's blood with no hesitation.
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    • In Memories chapter 22, Ai sounds happy after being kissed by her beloved sister, Ren.
    • In Memories chapter 24, according to Ren, she tried kissing Ai, hoping she will wake up from her comatose state, but it didn’t work. In the same chapter, Ren glaring at Seiya when he tried to kiss Ai in her sleep since she doesn’t want anyone except herself to kiss her.

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