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Despite not being a that kind of story, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life has more than their fair share of Ho Yay, especially with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys. It is not surprising for moments like this to occur every once in a while.

  • Hase and Yuushi have a strange relationship with each other, borderlining on strong brotherly friendship and a romantic relationship akin to an old married couple.
    • Hase and Yushi have so many similar dynamics that many begin to pair them from the moment they first see the adaptation poster. Not to mention that both characters got their voices from two very famous male voice actors.
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    • They are close friends for years and frequently express admiration to each other, and it is their friendship that is most likely a key reason as to how Yushi was able to endure his parent's death and still grow up to be a decent person.
    • Early in the series there are random Ship Tease moments such as Hase's own dad teasing "Mizuki's been crying wanting to see you," to Yushi on the phone, but it really starts hitting out of the ball park when in episode 8, the art style gets an extra sparkle, Hase starts insisting he and Yushi are like Kuri's parents (which Kuri latches onto), and Yushi abruptly falls into and hugs Hase despite obviously not being a touchy-feely person, as seen in his awkward but sincere reconciliation with his cousin and struggle with reaching other human beings. Then a few episodes later Hase comes back, very intent on staying for the summer...
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    • Hase declares that Yuushi is the first person that he wants to boss around.
    • Hase also insists on staying in Yushi's room whenever he stays at the apartments. Apparently as spontaneous as his visits are, Yushi never minds. Although sometimes Kuri accompanies them, sometimes they stay in the room together, alone.
    • Hase really likes Kuri and hangs around him whenever he can, calling himself "Daddy", and Yushi "Mommy" in an imaginary adopted family. The other apartment residents seemed to have accepted this as reality.
      • Yuushi actually responds to being called "Mommy" and knew that "Daddy" referred to Hase.
    • When Yuushi gets injured after he loses control of his powers to protect himself from the attack by one of his teachers, Hase immediately comes over as soon as he hears of this, even though it was clearly late at night. He tells Akine to train Yuushi harder to protect himself better and then drags Yuushi away to scold him for getting hurt. Isshiki even makes a comment after this claiming that 'love is tough'.
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    • It's made very clear how dear Hase is to Yushi when in his dreams he's having a picnic with his parents...and Hase. In general the first person in his thoughts to share anything important with is Hase, to the point when, by the time in episode 8 Hase visits and gives gifts to Akine, you have to wonder for what reason Yushi seems to freak and look jealous till Hase starts gifting everyone else, especially since he's never shown to see her as anything other than a friend and mentor after episode 1—and even MORE-so by the time Hase does the same again in episode 14.
    • Tashiro, not noticing the pretty-looking Hase is a guy in a cute photo with him and Yushi, directly asks if Yushi took a photo with his girlfriend.
    • When Hase suggests the idea of going overseas to Singapore for vacation together, Yuushi exclaims that 'Going on a trip with Hase' sounds fun, complete with a pink background filled with hearts, all the while blushing.
    • In Episode 26, Hase, Yushi, Kuri, and Shiro go exploring the snow time huts. In Hase's future, he had become a wealthy CEO with Tashiro as his assistant. He later tells Yushi that that wasn't the future he wanted since he couldn't imagine a future without Yushi.
      • In the same episode, while Hase and Yushi get riled up pounding mochi, Isshiki remarks that they make a good pair.
  • Yuushi also has a strong admiration for Ryu-san which can often be seen like a crush.
    • In Ryu-san's second appearance Antiquary pulls off his hair ribbon and Yushi's blushing reaction...really can't be explained heterosexually.
    • Ryu keeps holding Yushi in princess carry IN the baths during Yushi's grueling training week in episode 13 and insists to carrying him that way and that it wasn't fair that he didn't get to take Yuushi to the bath's.
  • Like with Ryu-san, Yuushi also holds a strong respect for Chiaki-sensei, his homeroom teacher, which somes crosses the line between teacher and student.
    • When Chiaki first meets Yuushi, he feels Yuushi up (touching his arms and checking out his ears), which looks a bit like groping, in order to find out if he's healthy.
    • Yuushi gets incredibly cross when he hears others badmouth Chiaki.
    • Later, Yuushi helps out Chiaki-sensei with his anemia by transferring some of the damage to himself. To do so, Yuushi covers his eyes with one hand and puts a hand on Chiaki's heart. Due to the nature of the transfer, he starts panting from the pain of the transfer before Chiaki grabs him by the hand and asks him why he's panting in front of him. Yuushi assures him that it was nothing 'weird'.
    • Fool later says that Yuushi's and Chiaki's bodies were "very compatible".
    • When one of Aoki's followers slashes Chiaki, Yushi immediately goes after her and warns her not to do it again before coming to Chiaki's aide. Yushi starts to panic fearing that Chiaki might fall into a coma because of his anemia but calms down enough to save him, all while holding Chiaki in his arms as his he lays unconscious.
    • Soon after the incident above, Yushi asks Chiaki to lick the Arimita immortal water drop off his hand so he could become stronger from his anemia. Yushi realizes a little too late how weird his requests sounds, but Chiaki actually complies.
    • It doesn't help that Chiaki mentions to Yuushi that students in his previous schools had asked to date him, and it was an all boys school.

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