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Heartwarming / Yet again, with a little extra help

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  • ANY of Naruto and Hinata's Fox cling moments.
  • Itachi being reintroduced to Pocky.
  • Pretty Much the whole of Naruto's birthday party at the Oogakari Mansion.
    "They don't do anything subtly, do they?" Asuma chuckled as he patted Naruto on the head. (Referring to a huge firework that the Oogakari launched (with Crypt strapped to the side) that read "Happy Birthday Minion Number Q!" when it blew up.)
    "For once, I'm glad they didn't." The blonde replied happily.
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  • Naruto giving Neji one of his eyes after a run in with Han cost him one of his own. Don't worry; Naruto says he'll grow a new one back later.
  • Naruto comes home from his birthday party. In front of his apartment are over a dozen presents from the villagers.
    The one thing they all had in common were the small cards that came with them that all said pretty much the same thing. "Sorry."
    Sasuke: Your mouth is a mysterious thing, Jiraiya. I'd tell you to stop talking, but so far it's been working in the dobe's favor, and I like him more than you.
  • Sakura thinks Sasuke's guilty face is DEFINITELY this mixed with a bit of Moe, so much that she begins planning her next few near-death experiences in advance just to see it again.
  • Any of Waltz's encounters with Hanabi.
  • Implied to be this when post-chainlink Shikamaru is reunited with post-chainlink Asuma. They took a page out of Gai and Lee's book.
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  • The fact that Sasuke is actually a relatively nice guy who cares about his teammates, comrades, and village.


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