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  • Scabbard in three words: "Unlimited Blade Works"
  • Waltz simply hijacking "Edo Tensei" with God's Tear and his own Chakra.
  • The Whole Ghost/Koga chapter and a half fight (read: Curb-Stomp Battle), crowned by Hana actually taking the rabid mutt down.
  • Tenten basically becoming Archer.
  • The whole damn fight between Naruto and Han, especially when both of them tap into their Tailed Beasts' power.
  • The last chapter of Part One which finishes up the Pre-Timeskip part of the story. The last part of the chapter becomes a montage of nearly every major character alive training set to "Knights of Cydonia" in a way that is similar to the "Epiclogue" of another fanfic: Fairly English Story.
  • Naruto and Hinata's fight. Hell, the entire third phase of the Chuunin Exams could count as a CMoA, with highlights including any fight involving any member of the Konoha 12, but especially Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Lee, Neji, and Shikamaru. Choji probably had the best match ending when he basically caused a large scale earthquake with a C-rank technique, destroying the entire arena floor.
    • Then there were the preliminaries, where Naruto and Lee had a most epic fight, and Hinata trounced her opponent in two to four seconds.
  • Hinata standing up for Naruto in chapter 15 and giving the elder council a much needed "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    "Do you not remember who I am? Do you not know what my bloodline can do? Since my training with Ghost-sensei and everyone else had started, my skills have improved dramatically, and yet you assume that Naruto-kun here can lie to me of all people and not get caught?" She stared at the councilors with an icy cold stare with the veins bulging from the side of her eyes. "I am the Hyuuga Heiress, and I can see everything as clear as day. The way you move shows me how you think, the way you act, the way you live. From what I've seen… I'd rather take my chances with the so called demon then any of you."
  • Gaara's fight against Deidara this time around, in TTRT. A beautiful showing from both sides, but highlights include Deidara using his C3 and then his C4 on Suna, only to be countered by Gaara attacking him with the entire desert. Deidara later compares it to fighting Itachi in his Tsukiyomi or Pein.
    There was no sky. There was no land. There were no people. There was no hidden village. There was only the desert truly coming to life, rising like a reverse waterfall to crush anything in its path like the force of nature it was.
    • Shikamaru probably puts it best:
    "Why did we think he needed help again?"
  • Hidan made the mistake of insulting Konan in the middle of an Akatsuki meeting. Konan asked to be able to duel him in return. The resulting "fight" cements Konan's place as the second-in-command of Akatsuki.
  • During a hectic battle against Kisame, Roushi and Son Gokuu are struggling. Then, however, the Tailed Beast briefly awakens to his true nature as the embodiment of the World's Core, and proceeds to obliterate Kisame with an eruption of molten iron.
  • Naruto pulls off two enormous feats of destructive power during the Battle For Iwagakure - multiple enormous tornadoes of shredding Wind capable of giving pause to the Five-Tails and the Gedou-Mazou Statue (and killing Deidara when he gets caught in one), and releasing hundreds of varying-power explosive tags to bomb pretty much the entire battlefield (accompanied by an air-raid siren, no less, to warn his allies to duck & cover).


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