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Heartwarming / You Awaken In Razor Hill

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  • The end of the story, when Tednugent wakes up in the real world, next to Marya's skeleton and the teddy bear. He collects the skeleton and teddy bear, wraps them in his cloak and cradles them back to Razor Hill for a proper burial.
  • In a meta sense: the story was written during the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, a few months before the Cataclysm patch added a large fissure to the Barrens which split it in half, right where the body of Mankrik's wife used to be located. Eventually, the game reveals that Mankrik finally buried his wife in a small grave north of the Barrens. In conjunction with Tednug and Scratchfever appearing as NPCs in Durotar, it's as if Blizzard acknowledged the conclusion of the fanfic themselves in their own way.
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  • The "Where Are They Now?" epilogue.
    She loves to see the sun rise.

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