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  • The entire relationship between Spock Prime and Kirk Prime is adorable. Jane Prime describes it as the best thing that every happened to her, and it's essentially the reason why she really wants Jane to hook up with her own Spock.
    Jane: Beautiful? Is that really how you would describe the relationship you two shared?
    Spock Prime: I did not describe it as such. You did.
    • Their first meeting could be this. Jane Prime was only fifteen, and had just lost her parents and the ship she lived on, along with a good portion of the ship's crew. She was getting tired of everyone's pity. Instead of showing pity, Spock Prime (who was a cadet at the Academy) walked up to her and did the logical thing: congratulated her on her bravery in saving the remainder of the ship's crew, despite being both grief-stricken and terrified out of her mind. His words made Jane Prime feel a lot better.
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  • The different take on TOS episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" has one: If someone looks upon a Medusan, they're driven to madness, and the only cure is for someone they love to lock eyes with them. When Spock Prime accidentally looks upon Kollos and goes insane, Jane Prime does this to him – and he's cured within seconds. He even tenderly touches her cheek afterwards.
    Jane Prime: It was on that day, at that moment when he calmed upon seeing me, and I felt the tenderness of his touch, when I knew for certain that he loved me. It took him a bit longer to admit it aloud, but just knowing was all I needed.
  • Spock's mother is alive in this story. Why? Jane risked her own life to save her when Vulcan was destroyed.
  • After Jane has to deal with her repressed memories of Tarsus IV, Spock offers to mind-meld with her so they can share their grief. Jane sees Spock being made fun of by the other Vulcan children, and her response is endearing.
    Jane: But those boys... I feel the urge to punch them. Happen to have their addresses?
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  • Jane Prime shows Jane a scene with her daughter, Amanda Georgiana Kirk, interacting with Spock Prime when she was four years old. The entire scene is adorable.
  • The many times Jane and Spock put their lives on the line to save the other.
  • Jane Prime giving birth to her daughter is both this and a Moment of Awesome.
  • When Spock has an Adorkable moment with Jane, her first thought is: I'm beginning to see why the other me fell for you, Spock.
  • In one chapter of the story, we get to see the Prime Mirror 'verse and the Alternate Reality Mirror 'verse. In both, Jane and Spock care for each other deeply, and also care for their crew. A far cry from the canon Mirror 'verses.
    Jane Prime: It appears that no matter the universe – no matter the reality – Spock and Kirk will be together. Maybe even in a universe where Spock is a woman and you’re a man; nothing will get in the way, and nothing will keep the two souls apart. That, my young counterpart, is the true meaning of Love Transcends Space Time – because it literally has.
  • During the first film, Jane had a lot more help getting onto the Enterprise than canon Kirk did: Every single one of her friends conspired to get her on board. When the mission was over Jane offered to take the full blame for it, but they refused and all admitted to having a part in getting her onto the ship.
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  • Spock and Jane Prime comfort Jane after the death of Christopher Pike.
  • Jane thinks she’s a lousy Captain. Jane Prime disagrees.
    Jane Prime: You're me; you're not a lousy Captain.
  • Both Spocks saying a variation of one of his most famous lines: "Jane...I have been...and always shall be...yours."
  • Spock and Jane's entire interaction in the chapter "Taking Shore Leave". Spock turns up on her doorstep to surprise her, and things go from there.
  • How Jane Prime and Spock Prime got married: Spock Prime was suffering from Pon Farr, and after losing the right to mate with T'Pring, he was close to dying. Jane Prime offered herself up as his bondmate in order to save his life.
    • When the younger Spock finds himself in the throws of Pon Farr, he becomes feral-like and attacks anything that moves...except for Jane. She's the only person he still recognizes, and he even protects her from anything he thinks is a threat to her.
  • The reunion of the Prime counterparts is beautiful.
    • The fact that the Guardian of Forever saved Jane Prime in the first place.

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