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Tear Jerker / Written in the Stars

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  • Jane Prime lost her parents when she was only fifteen years old. We never see her reaction to seeing the Kelvin Timeline Winona, but we can only imagine it was a tearful encounter.
    • Smaller, but the Prime version of Keenser also died in the same incident that killed Jane Prime's parents.
  • In this 'verse, Number One/Eureka Lefler is dead. She died young, when an armed burglar broke into her home and killed her and her mother, all because her father (who saved them from this in the Prime 'verse) died on the Kelvin.
  • What happened in this story's version of TAS episode "Mudd's Passion": the Prime version of Christine Chapel was still in love with Spock Prime despite he and Jane Prime getting married, and she tried to get him to fall in love with her instead using Mudd's crystal. It didn't work (the crystal doesn't work on anyone who's already in love), but it resulted in Jane Prime being forced to transfer Prime Chapel off the Enterprise so it doesn't happen again, something she didn't want to do because she still considered the nurse to be a friend.
    • The Kelvin Timeline Christine had a similar fate: when Jane was trying not to fall in love with Spock, she encouraged Christine to keep trying to get his attention. But when Jane eventually fell in love with him and they hooked up, Christine was so upset by this that she couldn't stand to be around them and transferred off the ship herself.
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  • Jane offers to call Spock Prime and get him to mind-meld with her so he can talk with Jane Prime again, but the latter refuses.
    Jane Prime: I couldn't do that to him. He's been through so much already, and you said he was assisting the Vulcans in building their new colony. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; they need him more than I do. Besides, he always believed in the idea of letting go; seeing me again... No. It wouldn't be right.
  • Kodos goes on trial for his actions on Tarsus IV, and similar to what happened in TOS episode, his daughter Lenore tries to kill Jane and the other witnesses. She ends up accidentally killing her father when he leaps in the way. What makes this version more heart-breaking? Lenore is only eleven.
  • Jane Prime never knew her granddaughter, having died before she was born.
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  • Jane Prime's reaction to Spock in the volcano at the beginning of the Star Trek Into Darkness arc. No doubt she was having flashbacks to her own Spock's death.
    Spock: Doctor, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
    Jane Prime: No... Jane, get him outta there! Now!
  • Jane Kirk's death scene, even though it doesn't stick. She's regretful of being so stubborn about her relationship with Spock, and she manages to send Spock memories of their Prime counterparts together.
    • What Spock did after she died is also pretty heart-breaking, since this time he's tortured with memories of a life he'd never get to live.
  • Spock Prime's death scene from The Wrath of Khan. In this version, his ten-year-old daughter is there to witness it. Jane Prime's death scene is also pretty hard to read, especially since readers who've seen the beginning of Generations know what's going to happen - and also because it happened on the same day her daughter became Captain.
  • The ending: After spending ten more years together, the Prime counterparts die. Spock Prime even managed to form a mind-meld between them, so they died connected, giving a whole new meaning to Together in Death.

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