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  • When Jane Prime was only fifteen years old and living on the Kelvin, she witnessed the death of her parents. The next person in command gave into his fear, and the ship was in the process of being destroyed. Despite all this, she took command and ordered an evacuation, saving the remainder of the crew.
  • What led Jane to signing up for Starfleet wasn't a bar fight. Instead, she punched a cadet in the face when he was spewing racist abuse at Spock.
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  • Jane's plan to rescue the crew of the Galileo: she secretly orders Chekov and Chapel to commandeer a shuttle to go after them, so she can take back her ship from Commissioner Ferris by using the same rule book he's been quoting throughout the entire incident.
  • A rewrite of TOS episode "The Mark of Gideon": Jane Prime was pregnant during the incident, which makes Spock Prime go into Papa Wolf mode to get her back.
    There's a large crash outside the door where Jane Prime is being held, interrupting the argument she's having with a well-dressed man.
    Man: What is that?
    Jane Prime: That is the sound of an angry Vulcan attempting to take back his pregnant bondmate.
    The door is smashed open and Spock Prime charges in. He almost attacks the man, but Jane Prime stops him.
  • Jane's "The Reason You Suck" Speech she gives to the Romulans when they capture her and her crew.
    Romulan: When word of Nero's actions reached us here, the reaction was not of shock or disapproval at the actions of a madman. It was of regret; regret that we were not able to welcome that brave son of Romulus back into the Empire before he met his demise at your hands. Everything Nero did, he did for the glory of the Romulan Empire.
    Jane: No. He didn't. He did what he did because he lost his wife and unborn child – and he blamed the wrong people for that loss. In case you didn't know, Nero came from exactly 129 years into the future, which explains his ship and its technology. And if the Vulcans on this world don't enact their revenge, Romulus will be destroyed anyway. Because in exactly 129 years from now, a nearby star – that little bright flickering thing in the sky above your Empire – will go supernova. It'll destroy Romulus and its Empire with it, but in reality you would have destroyed yourselves.
    Romulan: Explain.
    Jane: You would have destroyed yourselves because the only one willing to help you was a half-human, half-Vulcan Ambassador who was too late to inject the Red Matter into the supernova. It stopped it, sure, but then he was chased through the resulting black hole by Nero. But do you want to know why he was the only one willing to help you? Because you lot were a bunch of fucking fascist bastards who will spend the next century trying to destroy the Federation – the only ones who can save you! Not just that, but saying things like you just said doesn't make a lot of friends; that you were fucking proud of Nero's actions for destroying Vulcan and ending billions of lives! It's no wonder we didn't want to help you when you fucking assholes needed it! No wait, hold felt you didn't need help because you believed there was nothing fucking wrong with that star. You thought it was a lie created by us in order to mask our supposed "dishonourable intentions". Your inability to comprehend that we would want to help you, fucking blinded you all to the fact that the star was dying, and unless you get rid of that fucking single-mind of yours, you're going to end up like Vulcan sooner or later. Sooner if the Vulcans detonate the Red Matter, or later if the star dies and kills you all. So I suggest you all shut the fuck up, go and examine those so-called fucking heroes and the fucking star...and think very, very fucking hard about your actions for the next fucking century. I wish I could say this with hope and its true meaning; live long and prosper.
    • The result: the Romulans all but promise peace with the Federation in the future.
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  • Spock proves why he's got the biggest brain on the Enterprise by managing to figure out where Jane's been getting her information from.
    Spock: It was simple logic, Captain. You had to have known about the Vulcan plot somehow, and I reasoned that since your intellect is, no offence meant, not on par with that of a Vulcan's, someone had to have told you. I then reasoned that you wanted to keep this person a secret, otherwise you would have informed me of them without fuss. I wondered why you would want to keep this person secret, and how you were able to since you had not been in noticeable contact with anyone – until I recalled the mind-meld we shared after we left Tarsus IV. I sensed something unusual in your mind; it almost felt like another presence, as though you were carrying the katra of another. At the time I dismissed the notion, for a human cannot survive for very long with another's katra in their mind, but I reconsidered after the Romulan plot. Vulcans can speak with a katra they hold in their minds – but those with less skill can only do so when they are asleep. You have been sleeping more often, unusually so during the middle of a crisis, and you mentioned knowing of Anton's true identity because of a nightmare you experienced. Therefore, I deduced that you were in contact with a katra while you slept – the katra of someone from the other reality. And, in order for you to have survived so long with the katra, it had to have been your counterpart. I decided to mind-meld with you to confirm my theory, and here is the answer.
    Jane Prime: (smiling) I missed you, Spock.
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  • Upon discovering an inhumane experiment sanctioned by Starfleet, Jane promptly calls out the Admirals in charge.
    Jane: Starfleet used to stand for something, and I see now that you need to be reminded of it; we explore, but we also protect. What you were doing to those people was wrong, and you know it. So instead of performing sick and twisted experiments on people, how about trying to help them?
  • The fact that Jane Prime continued to captain the Enterprise while she was pregnant.
    • She then proceeded to give birth in the middle of a battle against the Klingons.
    • What's more? When the Klingon's found out about it, they honoured her for her bravery and awesome-ness.
  • Despite knowing who he is, Jane stands up to Khan when she needs his help.
    Jane: Look, I know you want revenge for what Marcus did; I saw the aftermath myself. So I know you'll help me get over to that ship anyway you can. Not to mention that unless you help me, Marcus will fire on us and then we're all gonna die – including your crew. So I suggest you wipe the smug off your face, shut your mouth and get your regenerating ass into gear.
    Khan: (looking impressed) In this time, I have never met anyone with courage. Not even Marcus; he only had ignorance. But are the first. No one has ever talked to me in such a way before, ordering me to do something. I admire a man – or woman, in your case – with that kind of courage.
  • How did Bones convince Khan to give him the serum to save Jane? He sic'd Winona on him, who promptly "turned into a Mama Bear and scared the crap outta him".
    Jane Prime: It runs in the family.
    Jane: I'm guessing someone threatened Ama?
    Jane Prime: A group of Orion pirates when she was five. Their life expectancies were shortened to ten seconds.
  • Spock, feral-like due to being in the throws of Pon Farr, single-handedly breaks out of his reinforced cell to save Jane. He then fends off twenty-five angry Vulcans.

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