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You wouldn't expect a celebrity commentary show featuring clips ranging from police videos, to home movies of people seriously injuring themselves, to even porn, to have moments like these, but every once in a while, this show surprisingly features some heartwarming moments... or, as close to heartwarming as may be allowed on this show. For example:

  • As noted on the main page, one clip features a robber who ends up triggering a heart attack in an elderly clerk; the robber actually tries to console the woman, apologizing to her and explaining to her he's not looking to hurt her, lets her sit down, and even asks for a phone to call an ambulance for her. In spite of all this, he still swipes thirty dollars and flees, but luckily, the clerk survived.
  • In another clip, a prison inmate is apparently so outraged over his sandwich, that he attacks a guard working at his desk. While the inmate has the guard down on the floor, beating the crap out of him, you would think other inmates would use this opportunity to perhaps make an escape or something. At first, we see a few other inmates rush over to the scene, presumably to attack the downed guard as well, but remarkably, actually try to help the guard break free from the attacking inmate. Needless to say, the guard is grateful to the other inmates for helping him.
    • Also they were only in jail. That means their sentences can range from a couple of days to two years at most. So most of the inmates were mostly there for non-violent offenses.
  • On an episode dealing with fights (the same one featuring the two sparring turtles, actually), they showed a clip of two adorable-looking toddler boys "fighting" over a little toy car. The most violent it gets is when one boy lightly taps the other's nose. A more typical component of the fight was when one boy decided that, as Kevin McCaffrey pointed out, "if you're not going to share your car with me, I'll make your cheeks rosy".
  • A minor example was when some of the commentators were being unnecessarily cruel to a young middle school-aged girl who kept on tripping over herself when attempting to do the hurdles at a track meet. Brad, normally one of the snarkier and more darkly comedic commentators in the cast, pleaded with the others to lay off her because she was just a young girl and asked the "World's Dumbest" behind-the-scenes crew to give her a second chance. Which they do, bringing her on the air to give snarky comments back at the people who were making fun of her. (Though Kevin couldn't resist a little dig of his own once the girl was finished. "Wait, so Alexis told a joke and she didn't trip on the punch line?") Then Chelsea Peretti commented on the girl's fresh-faced appeal and welcomed her to Hollywood.
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  • Brad must have a soft spot in his heart for young girls, because his defense of the poor Girl Scout who was robbed by the two sociopathic teen girls was both touching AND awesome: "If I were that Girl Scout, I'd get out my Swiss Army knife and earn my badge in cutting a bitch."


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