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  • How the hell do two cavemen have a television? And how are they powering it?
    • You sure you got the right show here, chief?
    • Haha— I made this edit after a weird ending sequence (I think) where Mike Trainor and someone else (honestly can't remember) were playing two cavemen watching World's Dumbest on a TV inside their cave. Maybe I should have specified. :-P
  • Why are the inventions episodes called "World's Smartest Inventions"? A number of the inventions they feature on the show are pretty dumb, and downright useless, so what's so "smart" about them?
    • Ditto, with why do we have volumes like "World's Dumbest Criminals" and "World's Dumbest Outlaws" or "World's Dumbest Driver" and "World's Dumbest Motorheads" or "World's Dumbest Thrillseekers" and "World's Dumbest Daredevils"? What are the differences?
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    • (a.) I believe that's called "sarcasm". (b.) "Criminals"/"Outlaws", "Drivers"/"Motorheads", etc., are probably all explained in the way that there was a particular naming convention for all the "World's Dumbest" shows back when The Smoking Gun (pre-truTV takeover) was overseeing it, and a separate naming convention for all the truTV-era shows. The "World's Dumbest" producers have tried retrospectively renaming these shows for better continuity, but there are obviously some shows they haven't gotten to yet.
    • I always assumed it's called "World's Smartest Inventions" because if they called them "Dumb inventions," they'd be subject to lawsuits for slander.
      • On that notion though, if that were the case, the whole show in general could be the basis for lawsuits, like with the "Dumbest Performers" volumes.
      • I thought that since the "Inventions" episodes were actually using commercials for trademarked products and stuff, it was more of a legal hassle if they called them "Dumb."
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  • Could this show ever be released on DVD? I mean granted, certain volumes like "Performers" and "Inventions" would probably have legal issues with the use of copyrighted clips, but what about volumes like "Criminals/Outlaws" or "Drivers/Motorheads" or other volumes that mostly use surveillance footage?
  • Why, exactly, does truTV feel the need to literally just rehash this show over and over and over again? I will admit that CLIPAHOLICS is a bit of a guilty pleasure, if only because of George Costanza himself provides some really funny narration (and they do show some clips that haven't been seen on WORLD'S DUMBEST...), but still, you can change the format as much as you want, they're still the exact same clips each and every show, so what exactly is the purpose of doing this?
  • From the Mugshot Mania segment from, "World's Dumbest Criminals 20," when Roger asks who was arrested for punching out a transvestite hooker, we see a stock photo of a drag queen, with half the face blocked by a black censor bar. Is it just me, or is the person in that photo Lori Beth Denberg? It's hard to tell because the eyes and nose are censored, but from what we can see (a rather corpulent woman with dark hair), I swear it looks like Lori Beth.


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