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Heartwarming / Workaholics

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  • The guys bonding with Alice's brother and showing him a good time, ending with them going to a pancake house at like 4 in the morning.
  • The episode where Blake, Anders and Adam are forced into alcohol addiction therapy. The whole sock puppet bit is heartwarming AND funny.
  • In "Stop! Pajama Time" when "Adam" commits suicide and Ders (whose vision is seriously impaired at this point) freaks out and thinks his best friend has actually taken his own life can be taken as pretty heartwarming.
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  • In "Ders Comes in Handy," when Adam is choking and dying due to an accidental hanging, Blake freaking out and yelling "My baby! My baby boy!" is a combination of hilarious and heartwarming.
  • "Gayborhood" has the main three resolving the tension caused by their supposed drunken threesome the previous night by confessing their deepest secrets to each other. While Ders and Adam's are jokes (Ders reveals that he suspects that he's a bastard child but is more concerned with how it would mean that he isn't a full-blooded Norwegian while Adam reveals that he wasn't as popular in high school as he claims that he was), Blake's is genuinely heartwarming. On the night he learned that his grandpa, who he was very close to, died, he avoided telling the other two so as not to bum them out. They spent the rest of the night watching movies, smoking weed, and genuinely having a great time together. While Blake admits that the night wasn't anything special, it was exactly what he needed to get through the grief that he was feeling.

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