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Heartwarming / The Toxic Avenger

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  • What is the first thing Melvin does when he becomes Toxie in the first film? Beat the crap out of a gang of drug dealers who were brutalizing a cop (killing most in the process while one got away with a Groin Attack), cleans up and helps the officer, getting him back on his feet and handing him his equipment back, and he apologizes to the cop for the violence and runs off. This gives the cop the message that the monster is a hero. Later on he says of Toxie, "If it wasn't for the monster, I would've died that night" and the same cop is one of the citizens who turned on the Corrupt Mayor when he wanted Toxie dead.
  • Sara wants to touch Toxie's face. Fearing she'd find him repulsive, he is quick to shout no before telling her he had a rash that he didn't want her to touch. Later in the film, after they'd been dating a while, she's finally allowed to touch his face. She then goes on to tell him he's a beautiful person shortly before they have sex for the 1st time.
    • Toxie also always seems to have flowers on hand to give to Sara.
  • Near the end of Citizen Toxie, Sweetie Honey gives Toxie her blanket, stating his new baby can have it because she no longer needs it, being a big girl.
  • The fact Toxie was willing to raise Noxie's baby. A nurse brings out a second baby to Toxie and Sarah. Sarah believes it's the evil Noxie baby. Toxie feels that environment can influence a child, and that with enough love from himself and Sarah, they can raise it as a good kid, he then lifts the blanket to see the baby. However, the moment is ruined when the baby turns out to belong to Toxie's best friend, Sgt. Kabukiman. Toxie is less than happy.
  • Toxie is very upset about the death of his sidekick, Lardass. He cries and cradles his mask shortly after. Later, while in Amortvile, he meets Chester -Lardass' alternate self. Toxie is very happy to see him -believing him to be Lardass, and attempts to hug him while purring affectionately.
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  • In the sequel the first thing Toxie did when he was in Japan was to prevent Masami from being gang raped and she became his friend since then.
  • Also the sequel when Toxie is reunited with his real father Big Mac Junko (Not the film's antagonist Big Mac Bunko, Toxie made that mistake) turns out despite hiding from the authorities who thinks he's Big Mac Bunko, he's aware of what his son became and proudly says he's so proud of him.

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