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Headscratchers / The Toxic Avenger

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  • In the first film, it's explicitly shown that Toxie's "Tromatons" will force him to uncontrollably attack and kill villains even if he doesn't know that they're evil (if he ever learns why he killed the "sweet old lady", it's never shown on-screen). So why, in the third movie, is he directly helping the villains take over his hometown without being aware of it?
    • Well, the Apocalypse, Inc. chairman is shown to literally be a demon from hell, so it's highly likely Hell has ways of blocking Tromaton activity.
  • In the first film, Toxie is usually seen still wearing the burned-up tutu he was mutated in, but in one scene he's shown eating a giant plate of eggs in a polo shirt (after presumably having taken his tutu off to have sex with his new girlfriend). In later scenes, he's back to his burned tutu. Does Toxie prefer his tutu to other forms of clothing and choose to put it back on?
    • It's not a polo shirt. It's a bathrobe and you can clearly see the tutu outfit underneath at the neckline. And he is DEFINITELY still wearing it while having sex earlier.
  • What did happen to the police chief? Mayor Belgoody gets killed, but not him. I mean, I guess killing Belgoody is like cutting the head off the snake, so to speak, so there's no reason to kill the chief, but it still seems odd that he just disappears.

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