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  • Arthur says that he doesn't want Ronny to worry about coaching even though Ronny is his assistant coach. He later reveals that it's because he saw how Ronny used to pretend to like sports and stayed in the closet to try and fit in and didn't want his son to have to pretend for anybody's sake anymore.
    • Ronny, not knowing why Arthur doesn't want him to worry about coaching, takes it upon himself to learn as much about basketball as possible because he really does want to do a good job and make his father proud.
  • Sean and Gerard are competing for the same coaching job that Gerard ultimately wins. Arthur reveals that Sean had voluntarily taken himself out of the running and gave his twin a glowing recommendation. Gerard, at Arthur's insistence, hires Sean as his assistant coach in gratitude.
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  • Sean and Gerard are feuding because Gerard refuses to listen to any of Sean's suggestions. A souvenir photo of the family (sans Jackie) on a rollercoaster shows Sean using his arm to shield Gerard, demonstrating that the much larger Sean always has Gerard's best interests at heart even when they're fighting.
  • Marjorie spends an entire episode insisting that she wants Jackie's child to call her "Mrs. McCarthy" because she's not ready to acknowledge that she's going to be a grandmother. Then Marjorie sees the fetus on an ultrasound and tearfully yells "Grammy's here, baby!" before reaching out to embrace the monitor.
    • Arthur never had a problem with becoming a grandfather and immediately says that he wants to be called "Pop Pop".
  • On Thanksgiving, Arthur comes to the realization that he only has a few minor grumbles about his marriage to Marjorie and that he really is Happily Married.
  • On Christmas, Jackie is upset because none of her brothers are fighting to be her baby's godfather. They reveal that it's because all three of them want to share the responsibility and give her their presents from an earlier swap to console her.

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