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  • Marjorie's first appearance is her look at her family with exhaustion and stating "Man I got a lot of kids." When she sees Ronny she instantly brightens up, declaring "Oh look, there's one I like!"
  • The various "gays" that Ronny's family track down in order to show Ronnie that they accept him.
    • Gerard brings a guy from the church choir.
    Gerard: You remember Philip from church?
    Philip: Heeeeeeeey!
    Gerard: But, did you know he was gay?
    Ronny: I had a hunch.
    Philip: I'm actually not a practicing homosexual. The church says I can have gay thoughts so long as I don't act on them.
    Ronny: How's that going for ya?
    Philip (smiling): It's a struggle.
    • Marjorie's guest is actually straight, but she thought he was gay because he's a nurse.
    • Sean brings a lesbian because they're all he meets at basketball camp.
  • The family stalking Ronny on his date in a flashback.
    Ronny: Mom, what are you doing here?
    Marjorie: You told me your date's name was Henry. That's a murderer's name! A murderer's name!
    • Apparently she also confused "architect" with "psychopath".
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  • The family's complete inability to say I love you, replacing it with "warm wishes" and "to you and yours" when forced to say goodbye to a dying relative. Later they make a drinking game out of it, where the person who can't get through without cracking up has to drink.
  • The entire family thinks that Ronny's boyfriend's family are in a cult simply because they smile too much.
  • Sean and Gerard are fighting over food, and Marjorie is forced to give two grown men a sharing poem.
    Gerard: We've had to share everything, even the womb! Look at you, you stole all the nutrients.
    Marjorie: To be fair, we're pretty sure you got all the oxygen.
    Sean: She's right. I'm not very good at blowing balloons.
  • Jackie attempts to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving
    • Her first attempt results in just one small clump of filling because she miscalculated the measurements
    • Her second attempt has to be thrown out because she added lotion to the filling
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    • Her third attempts ended up with liquid filling but they were able to salvage it by serving it as soup

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