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  • Arthur sprained his ankle and can't coach a game so Ronny has to step up. Although Arthur and the twins have no faith that Ronny can pull off a victory (and make peace with the fact that the team's winning streak will end), Ronny triumphantly marches in to reveal that he won. By caring only about winning and having the players do a full court press the entire gamenote .
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  • Pam, Arthur and Marjorie's upstairs tenant, spends most of Christmas Eve with the McCarthys crying and feeling miserable over a breakup. But when the family bickering reaches a crescendo during their gift swapping game, she stands up, puts her foot down, and shuts everyone up. Then she uses her trump card to force everyone to pass their gift to the left and reveals that she took a baseball bobblehead figure specifically so that she could give it to Sean, with whom she's smitten.
    Pam: "Everyone STOP! What is wrong with you people? You fight and insult and steal and tell your guests that bathroom breaks are the for weak! [Shoots Arthur and Marjorie a pointed look] And you try to pass off a murder mystery kit as a good present!"
    Ronny: "Hey!"
    Pam: "You know it!"
    Ronny backs down with a "you're right" expression
    Pam: "Now I am going to use my idol. Everyone pass your gift to the left!"
    Everyone gasps in shock
    Pam: "Yeah, that's right! You poke a squirrel, get ready to dodge some nuts!"
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  • Jackie manipulates her brothers into feeling guilty about not fighting over being her baby's godfather by pretending the baby kicked for the first time. It works, with all three brothers deciding to be the godfather and giving her their gifts (cash, box seats to a Red Sox game, and a bobble head doll) in exchange. Marjorie knew what was up, Jackie's pregnancy is nowhere near the point where the baby can kick, and feels immensely proud of her daughter for starting taking after her her.

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