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Heartwarming / The Librarians (2014)

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  • In "And the Sword in the Stone" has Jenkins motivating Eve to talk to Flynn after his (Flynn's) Heroic B.S.O.D.
    • Eve's speech to Flynn, it proves to be enough to motivate him to continue even after the short time they had known each other.
  • At the end "And The Horns of a Dilemma" Eve tells the L.I.Ts that she's proud of them, this scene really shows the transition from people who were just put together and a team.
  • Pretty much the whole ending of "And Santa's Midnight Run," especially Baird having the Christmas Wish she didn't even know she made granted: to have her faith in the holiday and mankind restored.
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  • Cassandra destroying Katie Benders' ghost and restoring the house of refuge to its true glory in "And the Heart of Darkness". You wouldn't expect to feel so happy for a piece of architecture.
  • Pretty much all of Cassandra and Ezekiel's interactions with each other, whether considered platonic or romantic by the fans, are sweet and endearing.
  • In season two's "And the Infernal Contract," the demon Sesselman tries to tempt the younger Librarians into signing a contract with him, offering both rescue from the immediate peril they're in, and each Librarian's heart's desire: the chance to travel the world and be "a swashbuckler in a world of accountants" for Ezekiel, healing her brain tumor and allowing her to create "a golden age of mathemagics" for Cassandra. What does he offer to Jacob Stone, tempting him enough to suggest that one of them should maybe take the hit? Simply the chance to save his friends.
    • Also, when Jenkins is taking care of the others then gives Eve the advice about being a Guardian. Both of these are small moments but help show how Jenkins cares more then he claims to.
  • "And the Hollow Men" when the Ray aka, the Library tells Flynn that he remembers that Flynn is his best friend.
  • In "And the Self-fulfilling Prophecy" Ezekiel and Jake both offer for the reaper to take them instead of Eve. Despite how much Ezekiel brags that he only cares about himself, he really does care about the team.
    • Also in that episode, Jake, Cassandra and Ezekiel are all trying to make Eve stay in the bar with them since they're worried she'll be lonely since Flynn went off on his own again.
  • In "And The Eternal Question", Cassandra fears getting her tumor removed because she thinks that it was the reason The Library chose her. Flynn quickly points out that this is nonsense, as The Library chose him and all of the LITs too and none of them have tumors. She was chosen because of who she is, not because of a brain condition.
    • Same episode: the way the whole team worries over her in the hospital waiting room. It really drives home what a family they've become
  • The ghosts revealing what really happened during the battle in the Civil War in "And a Town Called Feud": The brothers on opposite sides of the war, long believed to have shot each other, put down their guns and reconciled before being killed by stray cannon fire. What brought it on? The Union brother's son died after wandering onto the battlefield, and the Confederate brother fell in love with a Black woman. The brothers pass on with their loved ones, and while the mayor is looking forward to profiting off this development, at least she's pushing the happy truth.
  • Jenkins playing Dungeons & Dragons With Jeff and his friends at the end of the episode "And some dude named Jeff"

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