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Jenkins and Dulaque are brothers
In "The Apple of Discord", it is revealed that they have a past together. By the way they talked to one another, brothers seem to be an obvious guess.
  • Not quite. They're actually father and son, Lancelot and Galahad.

Jenkins is actually Merlin
In the most recent episode "The Rule of Three" we meet Morgan Le Fey. Jenkins knows a lot about her unsurprisingly, but the two seem incredibly familiar with one another and his knowledge of Arthur and the fall of Camelot seems much more personal and emotionally laden than the other crises that have come up. She also called him Elaeus (or something to that affect), which sounds Roman enough to go with the show's Roman hypothesis explanation for the Arthurian legends. It would explain his intricate knowledge and familiarity with magic and his discussion about his past failures in "The Apple of Discord."
  • Actually she called him Galeas which would be Galahad which would still fit with the issues he has with Dulac since Du Lac is the last name of Lancelot (according to old Arthurian myth Galahads Father) My guess is that Merlin was a Librarian (Quite possibly the first one) and the knights where his guardians. Your overall theory still holds though.
    • Your idea of him being Galahad fits significantly better though. It explains why he's familiar with magic but seems rather inept at it and solves the Du lac issue as well. Kudos. I couldn't hear what she called him well at all.
  • Galahad has been confirmed, so Merlin is probably jossed.

Wonderland will show up in the show
When enumerating the possible worlds where she can hide from the coming apocalypse, Morgan le Fay mentions "one of the Mirrorlands". This could be a reference to Wonderland.
  • There was at least one magic mirror written on the chalkboard when Jenkins listed all the possible ways that fairy tales could come to life, so possibly there's a more traditional Fairyland that's accessible through mirrors also.
  • The episode "And the Trial of the Triangle" was highly based on Wonderland, which is probably as close as we'll get. The line was probably "mirror lands", as in parallel worlds, rather than Through the Looking Glass.

Flynn rejected Eve as his new Guardian at first because by then he was fed up of them.
  • Going by the continuity of the movies, Flynn had a new girlfriend that doubled at his bodyguard each movie. And yet Nicole, his first Guardian, is dead or gone. Emily left him at the end of the film. Simone sat out to die. So when he yelled at the Library "I don't need her!", he was stopping himself from going through another heartbreak, and calling out said Library for sending her to him.
    • A few points. Guardians are not girlfriends. In some cases, obviously such relationships happen. But as evidenced by Eve's relationships with the other Librarians in the diverging timelines when du Lac tampered with the loom of fate, the relationship the Guardian has with the Librarian can vary greatly. Also, Nicole isn't dead. Flynn tells Eve that it didn't work out. Your main supposition is possible but not the theme supported by the show. Flynn's problem with Eve's presence was the same as his issues with her and the other Librarians throughout the first two seasons - he's been doing the job alone so long, and took such pride in having accomplished/survived as he has, that he has a hard time sharing the Library and the job of the Librarian.

Dulaque hadn't been planning to go after the Loom of Fate until his other scheme to get the Library shut down failed.
If he'd been planning to re-write all of post-Camelot history from the start, he wouldn't have had cause to worry about getting Cassandra's blood on his new rug in the second episode, or about Stone tossing his priceless artwork back and forth in the Christmas episode. As was shown with the missing Labyrinth thread, objects that exist in one version of history don't necessarily occupy the same locations in a different version, so Dulaque should have expected to lose all his favorite knickknacks if he messed with the Loom, anyway.
  • Just because he did or did not expect to eventually lose whatever he owned, doesn't mean he'd want it ruined now, while he can enjoy it for at least a few more months. But confirmed anyway, because it's true. Dulaque didn't plan on using the loom of fate if he could instead simply release all the magic of the artifacts stored in the Library to bring wild magic back into the world and, with it, raise Camelot once more. That was quite explicitly his Plan A, all along. Plan B, which we saw him try in the end, was to sever the loom of fate at a point before the fall of Camelot, forcing time to restart from that point on.

Jenkins bribed his way into getting the job at the Annex with the Holy Grail
We know the Library contains the Holy Grail currently and Galahad was supposed to be the one who actually found it in the first place, so it makes sense that Jenkins could be responsible for how the Library got it. And since Jenkins basically just wanted somewhere he could work in peace and be alone, he might have decided that his best option was to trade the Holy Grail for it. After all, he gets the Annex and the Holy Grail ends up somewhere secure. Everyone wins.
  • Plus, Jenkins is immortal. He probably drank from the Grail before he turned it over to the Library.

The role of Morgan le Fay in "The Rule of Three" was originally written for Jaime Ray Newman
This show is not above stunt casting. They cast Jerry O'Connell aka Rebecca Romijn-Stamos' husband as a young Lancelot Du Lac in the season finale, and they fight, like "an old married couple". Jaime Ray Newman starred with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos on Series/Eastwick. That show was about witches, and Morgan le Fay is a sorceress, which would have made a hell of an in-joke. Newman is a redhead, and Alicia Witt, the actress who ended up getting the part is a redhead, too. Newman also excels at playing memorable one- or two-off guest roles, such as Lt. Laura Cadman on Stargate Atlantis, Claire Taylor on CSI:NY, or Angelina on Grimm. According to IMDB, Newman doesn't seem to have worked a lot lately, but she did star in that animated Tarzan movie which was filmed in Germany, so maybe filming the episode didn't mesh with her schedule.
  • She also has a connection to Christian Kane, who plays Stone, because she guest starred on an episode of Leverage. Perhaps there was bad blood between Kane and Newman, or more likely Romijn-Stamos and Newman, and one or both of them talked the producers into finding someone else.
    • Romijn did not guest star in an episode of Leverage. The season after Leverage was cancelled, TNT produced a quickly-cancelled series called King & Maxwell, starring Romijn and Jon Tenney. Kane guest starred in an episode of King & Maxwell, as the brother of Romijn's character, Michelle Maxwell. The supposition that the part of Morgan le Fay was intended for Jaime Ray Newman is possible, though I think it would have less to do with any connection between Romijn and Newman, than the fact that The Librarians is produced by the same team who produced Leverage. Jamie Ray Newman played a former girlfriend of Christian Kane's character Eliot Spencer, on the first season of on Leverage.

The tree that was burned instead of the Tree of Knowledge will turn out to be the tree that Merlin was trapped inside.
Flynn said it was important, though he couldn't remember what it was actually supposed to represent. And they do like Arthurian legends on this show. So maybe burning that particular tree with set Merlin loose once again.

The tree that was burned instead of the Tree of Knowledge was the Tree of Memory (or similar).
Flynn said he couldn't remember what it was, and its demise precipitated the Library's amnesia crisis.

Stumpy will return
And become the Team Pet.

Time Travel will be involved this season.
  • If Prospero's Broken Staff was not in its hiding place or in the Library, then the note left by "The Librarian" was left by Flynn himself or one of the other Librarians who went back in time (possibly because Prospero traveled back to stop his staff from being broken in the first place) and decided to take it back to their time for safe keeping.
    • ... sort of. It could still be in later episodes, but in the Point of Salvation, Ezekiel gets trapped in what he thinks is a "Groundhog Day" Loop. It's not actually, a video game is rewriting reality, but still.
    • Based on the preview, the season finale will involve time travel, so confirmed.

In the next season, they will encounter something that could actually threaten Jenkins' life.
In ''And the Point of Salvation," Jenkins was getting information from the fae he summoned in regards to Prospero's plan, but the fae indicated that he knew of a way to end Jenkins's existence. He couldn't be killed by normal means, but he could still die. Jenkins rejects asking the information because he only has a limited number of questions he can get answered and they need the info on Prospero, but that could be foreshadowing for the next season. We know magically-created cave-ins and that a magical contract specifically designed to protect itself couldn't kill him. Or being magically frozen. So maybe some form of Anti-Magic (because you know his long life span has to magic) or something similar and the Librarians will have to race the clock to fix things before he dies.

The Librarians in Training represent the Fighter, Mage, Thief trio
Although they might have high IQs they kinda have traits of those archetypes
  • Jake Stone stone represent the Fighter as he does resort to physical violence sometimes and is best seen in episode 2 with the sword also [[Genius Bruiser]]
  • Cassandra Cillian represent the Mage with all the CGI hallucination when she thinks. Although it was a one episode thing she desire magic to heal herself.
  • Ezekiel Jones is the rogue and maybe Token Evil Teammate as he steal stuff a lot. Also he represent the retrieval aspect of the library.
    • The alternate timelines in The Loom of Fate where each of them became the Librarian pretty much confirm this. Jake is a very combat oriented librarian, Cassandra uses magic to protect people and Ezekiel is runnign the library like a business while making use of his computer skills.

The reason Eve was able to enter into the Lake in the Season 2 Finale was because she punched Morgan Le Fey way back in Season 1
...which Morgan herself acknowledged was a clever trick.

DOSA might try to take over the Library.
It makes sense that the evil/amoral Department of Statistical Anomalies might try to breach into the library and/or take it over.
  • with Colonel Baird getting activated as DOSA sleeper agent it seems likely.
Apep might take over or use DOSA for its own gain.
A bit of corollary to the WMG above. With Apep's ability to possess people and DOSA's hierarchical organization makes it easy to take over by possessing the lady in charge.

  • the sarcophagus of Apep is in possession of DOSA which might mean that already happened.

    • kinda did briefly but not the whole season

Colonel Eve Baird will take over DOSA
  • she is the protege of DOSA's Director
  • This might mean she may betray the library (not first time something like that happened to the library)
  • Perhaps by becoming the threat she avoid her destiny of dying for the library
  • On the other hand we might get guards back to the library or they are still guarding the New York entrance or fired due to budget cuts.

Apep might have taken over Eve.
The effect of the possession does not always mean stark raving magic lunatic but also a scheming individual like Agnes. Also that slasher smile at the end of Fatal Separation

The dimensional severance might have somehow severed the library's ties to the US government prompting the creation of DOSA
  • The Library already have financial issues in the third movie which may disprove my theory as the ties weakened and might mean some of the guards get fired.

Jacob Stone is actually Elliot Spencer
Jacob Stone, and all the aliases he used to publish papers, are actually cover IDs created by Hardison. Either Elliot retired from the Leverage crew for some reason, or the Leverage crew were running a long con (perhaps on du Lac, or a misunderstanding which has them targeting Flynn or the Library itself).

His season 1 mistrust of Cassandra is the same 'you don't con your own team' attitude as Elliot had towards Sophie around the Leverage first season finale. He's amused by Ezekiel turning from a super-thief into a good guy because it reminds him of his old crew.

As for how we got that episode with Isaac Stone, Jacob's father? Hardison is very good at making cover IDs.


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