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  • Flynn's Establishing Character Moment in the show - he pops up out of nowhere, thoroughly confuses everyone present (Baird and a couple of terrorists), walks Baird through disarming a live and ticking nuclear weapon while he disarms a booby trap on an ancient magical artifact's containment case and she engages in a gun battle with the terrorists, manages to count the shots one of them fires from an automatic weapon, and then leaves before anyone can get any idea of what's going on.
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  • Flynn taking down Lamia with a makeshift electromagnet.
  • Baird ripping out the Minotaur's nose ring just to piss it off and then engaging it in hand-to-hand combat, buying time for Stone to steal a car and hit the Minotaur with it.
    • Earlier, Baird takes on the Minotaur with nothing more than her guts and her handgun. She wins.
  • Eve taking Santa's place to spread goodwill in "And Santa's Midnight Ride". To hear Santa talk, it should have killed her.
    • Bruce Campbell as Santa. Nuff Said.
    • Stone got into a bar fight. On Christmas Eve. With Santa, AKA Odin, as backup.
  • Cassandra, under the influence of the title object of "And The Apple Of Discord", taking down Lamia in three moves.
    • Ezekiel taking the apple from under Flynn's very nose. He also deduces that it was Drake who stole the pearl from the Eastern Dragons, thus preventing a draconic war from breaking out.
    • Jenkins using every loophole and minor legality of the conclave rules to drag it on and keep Dulaque from calling a vote of no confidence on the Librarians.
    • An unintentional one for Evil Flynn, whose power-drunk ranting actually provided the perfect argument why the Library's artifacts must not be allowed to run loose. If just one such object of power can turn a heroic defender of the planet into a deranged megalomaniac who's more than ready to upset the apple cart for all the supernatural factions, how can they ever allow somebody who's already ambitious to usurp the Librarian's role?
  • Jamie getting a hold of the book in "And The Fables of Doom". Turning Stone into a kickass Robotic Huntsman, Eve into a ninja princess, and Cassandra into Merlin Prince Charming.
  • Baird punching Morgan Le Fay so hard, her teeth get bloody.
  • Cassandra taking on a Serial Killer and winning!
  • Amy's Badass Boast in "And the Rule of Three"
    "I'm Amy Meyer. I've won every ribbon, every medal, every trophy that you've wanted since we were 5 years old. Do you really think I'm bluffing?"
  • Dulaque and Jenkins' sword duel at the climax of "And the Loom of Fate". What makes this even better is that Dulaque's alterations to the Loom have de-aged him to his prime as Sir Lancelot, while Jenkins is still an old man...and he still holds his own, even beating Dulaque.
    • Not only that, but he holds his own one-handed. Where's his other hand? In his pocket.
    • Alt!Cassandra is a Librarian who has mastered magic. She is treated like a queen by everyone in her reality. She had saved them from the dragons. She later does a summoning spell that pulls Alt!Stone and Alt!Ezekiel into her timeline.
    Alt!Cassandra: Quiet, I'm doing math.
    • Alt!Flynn being able to save the day in the multiple other timelines due to the fact he has abilities none of the Librarians have.

  • Stone ripping into his father and telling him the truth about himself, which initially seems heartwarming.
    Stone's Father: Why in the hell should I listen to you?
    Stone: Because I'm a genius, pop. I'm a genius. I speak nine different languages, and I can read over a dozen more! I have honorary degrees at universities on four different continents! I'm the first one they call when they discover a new piece of art, and I'm the one they're scared to call, because I'm the best in the world at discovering a fake! And I didn't tell you, because I knew that you'd see anything less than chasing the family business as a betrayal!
    • Then revealing that his real father would never admit that he loved him, and drags both himself and the shapeshifter down a hole, towards the prison.
      Stone: [whispers in the monster's ear] One more thing. My father would die before he ever told me that. [drags both of them into the hole]
    • Then the thing tries a Shapeshifter Guilt Trip, but Stone just punches it in the face anyway.
    Stone: I know they're all you, so go ahead and bring on whoever you want!
  • Baird pulls a bit of Loophole Abuse in "And the Infernal Contract", turning the devil "Cess" into a human. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny for his double-take.
  • Stone figuring out that the primary portrait was a fake, realizing that the colors were too new looking at a moment's glance.
  • Jenkins singlehandedly massacres a dozen vampires with a pair of iron swords in "And the Eternal Question", pulling a Big Damn Heroes to rescue Jake and Ezekiel to boot!
  • In the "Wrath of Chaos" when the librarians turn Apep into a human so he can be sacrificed instead of Flynn

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