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Heartwarming / Lie to Me

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  • Loker and the kids' White Lie song (which is also Awesome Music) in Tractor Man.
  • Any time Cal and Emily are in a scene together, it's either CMOF or this.
  • The scene in "Pied Piper" when Emily finds pictures of Zoe pregnant just before she married Cal, and believes she was "a mistake". Cal reassures her that yes, he was drunk and no, he did not marry Zoe just because he got her pregnant, but that he would, if given the chance, absolutely do it all over again.
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  • "Beyond Belief", and Cal using semicolons as a way to both apologize to Emily and to give her new boyfriend a chance to prove himself.
  • The final scene in "The Canary's Song": "Thank you for cleaning up my mess, Gillian."
  • Loker to Foster, after lying to protect her despite his "Radical Honesty" policy: "You have to have faith in something. I'm putting mine in you."
  • Lightman's surveillance of the men in Foster's life, while a little invasive, is also a testament to just how important she is to him.
    Foster: You thought Alec was having an affair, didn't you? That's why you followed him.
    Lightman: ...I was afraid you were going to get hurt.
  • In Teacher and Pupils, the way Lightman swings Emily behind him and glares at the psych of the week, is a mix between this and a Moment of Awesome. You don't mess with Cal Lightman's daughter.
    • Also in this episode, Lightman helps the cop shot in the cold open to say goodbye and "I love you" to his wife and daughter, literally just before he dies.
  • Foster and Lightman in the hospital after Foster is attacked in "Blinded". The way they just keep looking at each other, and keeping physical contact, as if they're both scared the other is going to disappear, is a hybrid of this and Tear Jerker.
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  • The ending of "Exposed".
    Emily: You...never trust anyone, do you? You know, that's why you'll always be alone.
    Lightman: *looks at Gillian* ...I'm not alone.
    Emily: [watches as her father gets up to speak to Gillian. Smiles.]

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