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Heartwarming / The Karate Kid (2010)

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  • On the anniversary of the deaths of Mr Han's wife and son, Dre comforts a crying Mr Han by using bamboo shafts to try to take his mind off the anniversary by going through their forms, that he can eventually heal from the loss. And one of the first things he does is use the bamboo shaft to help Mr Han wipe his eyes.
  • A promotional interview on Oprah showed that the Smith family took some real quality time together in China. Big brother Trey had prior commitments, so what did Will do? He flew back to California for each of Trey's football games.
  • The doctor at the tournament, after deciding that Dre is medically unfit to continue, notes to the boy,"You've brought great honor to your family." Regardless of what happened next, Dre can know he's impressed a lot of people that day.
  • Dre's mum happily allowing a group of small Chinese children to touch her hair.
  • With the help Mr. Han, Dre sincerely apologizes to Meiying and her father in Chinese for what happened at her audition and for bringing dishonor to their family. He is clearly impressed and allows Meiying to attend Dre's tournament (since she made a promise to be there), even wishing him good luck.
    Dre: [translating] name is Dre Parker. My actions have brought dishonor to your family. Your daughter has been a great friend to me. And from her, I have learned...that a true a person who makes your life better. But, if you give me a second chance...I promise that I will be...the best friend your daughter has ever had. That's it.
    Meiying: [translating for her father] My daughter told me that she made a promise to be at your tournament. In our family, we do not break our promises.
  • During the credits, photos from the film's production are seen. What is the last image? Jaden Smith and Zhenwei Wang with their back to us, arm in arm. This is despite the fact that they played rivals in this movie.