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Tear Jerker / The Karate Kid (2010)

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  • Dre's homemade growth chart in Detroit, with a mark for the day his father died.note 
  • Dre's heartbreaking misery and plight in the first half of the movie. He's homesick for the U.S. and desperately wants to go home, but he can't return home since his widowed single mother claims that there's nothing to go back to. He has relocated to a foreign country on the other side of the world where everything (especially the lifestyles and cultures) is vastly new and different, out of his depth. Almost all of the Chinese people there don't speak English, he only knows very little Mandarin, and everything is just going horribly wrong for him. He's being teased and bullied by a group of Chinese boys because he dared to like a girl, he keeps making cultural mistakes (wearing street clothes on school uniform day) and he even loses the one friend he has. This hardship finally turns around in the second half of the movie as Dre finally sees light at the end of the tunnel after Mr. Han takes Dre under his wing, but poor Dre goes through a lot.
  • Dre getting ruthlessly asswhooped and beaten up by Cheng. It's pretty upsetting to see a fatherless, lonely 12 year old African-American preteen get harassed, teased and bullied in a strange land far away from home.
    • Seeing Dre nearly getting beaten to death in a Backstreet alley is really heartwrenching for the fans to watch. Fortunately, Mr. Han intervenes and saves the day just before Cheng delivers the finishing blow.
  • The car smashing scene. Made worse by the fact that he caused the car wreck that he's reliving that killed his wife and child.
    "Every year, I fix the car. Still fix nothing."
  • Han talking about how he can't remember what he and his wife were arguing about just before the crash and how he hopes that it had been about something important.
  • The moment where Dre is injured and Han runs onto the arena floor comes surprisingly close.