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Funny / The Karate Kid (2010)

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  • Dre's mom tells him to practice his Mandarin, so he turns to a guy that looks Chinese and speaks very poor Mandarin. The guy's response is absolute gold.
    "Chinese" Guy: ... Dude, I'm from Detroit.
    Dre: Oh. ...'Sup?
    • It should be noted that this is the part where the title card comes in, signifying that this will be a long and difficult movie for Dre.
  • After Mr. Han rescues Dre from the bullies and walks away like a badass, he quickly turns around as he hears them getting up and expects to continue the fight. After realizing they're not gonna continue, he resumes walking away, but quietly clutches his chest and groans in pain like an elderly man would after getting into a fight.
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  • The last time Dre's mom tells him to pick up his jacket, she says it quietly but with such force.
    PICK up your jacket!
  • When Mr. Han tells Dre's mom that Dre is his only student, she has this sort of "Oooookay..." look.
    • Even better; when Mr. Han is asked about how many students he has, he stops and pretends to think about it before answering.
  • When it looks like they're about to replicate the catching the fly scene. Instead Mr. Han whips out a fly swatter, and squashes the fly flat. Then he picks it up with the chopsticks…then continues to use them to eat his noodles.
    Dre: Ugh. That's nasty.
  • Mr. Han and Dre training with bamboo poles, with Dre nagging Mr. Han to learn about the cobra trick.
    Mr. Han: Cobra... takes a lifetime. Requires great focus.
    Dre: But I have great focus!
    (Mr. Han looks at him for a second, then shoves Dre off the pier and leaves him dangling with his face about a foot off the water)
    Dre: WHOA WHOA WHOOA- Ohmigod... Mr. Han?
    Mr. Han: Your focus... needs more focus.
    Dre: ... Mr. Han?
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  • During the Tournament at the end, Dre scores a point against one of his early opponents with a fast shoving motion. The slow-mo done for the crowd draws attention by pausing on the face Dre is making at that precise moment. Namely, the one Mr. Han told him not to do early in their training.
  • There's one kid in the tournament with spiked up hair, and we see him fixing his hair between fights.
  • Meta example. When Jackie was approached to star in this movie, he asked who would be playing the mentor. Only to be surprised when he was told 'he' would. He was so used to playing far younger roles that he thought they were asking him to play the titular kid character.