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Heartwarming / The Horse and His Boy

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  • When Aravis says good-bye to her friend, Lasaraleen, who has been driving Tomboy Aravis mad for two whole days with idle gossip, mostly about clothes, Aravis tells her that, yes, she thought her dresses were lovely, and "I'm sure you'll have a lovely life. But it wouldn't suit me."
  • Lasaraleen's character in general gets this. Though a Calormene noblewoman, she proves herself a loyal friend to Aravis. She keeps her presence in the city a secret from Aravis father, makes sure that no one else discovers that Aravis is there either, and also helps Aravis escape the city in the end. This is despite the fact that she personally does not see anything wrong with the life that Aravis is so desperately running away from. Similar to how Aravis makes sure to compliment Lasaraleen's dresses before they part and wishes her well, this shows that the two girls really do care about one another and what the other wants.
  • When the group first runs into a lion who is actually Aslan, it claws Aravis across the back but leaves a strangely shallow wound. Later, Aslan explains to Aravis the meaning of the injury: it was to remind her of the pain her maid suffered, being whipped by Aravis's stepmother for carelessly falling asleep and letting Aravis escape (when the whole thing was Aravis's doing, having drugged the maid).
    • Following the latter half of the above, Aslan gently coaxes Aravis to feel his now velvet-soft paws as a gesture of forgiveness.
  • The instant Hwin sees Aslan she can't help herself: she goes directly to him and offers herself up, saying "You may eat me, if you like. I'd rather be eaten by you than fed by anyone else." ('Thy will be done' is the obvious metaphor here, but most Christians don't say it expecting being devoured to be one of the possibilities.) The narrative even tells us that she is "shaking all over" — whether from equine fear of a lion or her expectation that he's going to take her up on her offer — but she still shows a lot more courage than anyone else.
  • Aslan calling each of the trio "son" or "daughter".
  • Hwin later says, in response to Bree's fear that Talking Horses shouldn't roll in the grass, as he enjoys - that she intends to continue to do so, no matter what.
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  • When Aslan walks along the mountainside into Narnia with Shasta and reveals all the times he's watched over him his entire life, from his Moses in the Bulrushes incident to protecting him from jackals at the Tombs of the Ancient Kings.
  • When the Narnians and Archenlanders are discussing what to do with the treacherous Prince Rabadash, Edmund points out that he could change, and that Edmund himself knows of a traitor who did.


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