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Headscratchers / The Horse and His Boy

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At the very end of the book, we are told of the legend of Corin Thunder-Fist defeating the Lapsed Bear of Stormness in a 33 round "boxing match". The author defines "lapsed" as in the Talking Bear "going back to Wild Bear habits", which I believe we can safely presume entails preying on weaker creatures for food, whether they are sentient or not. It's not made clear in this short passage whether or not the Lapsed Bear lost his sentience and ability to speak (which is what is supposed to befall any Talking Beast that goes back to their savage ways, as decreed at the beginning of Recorded Time by Aslan Himself), nor what is meant by the statement that after losing the fight the bear "became a reformed character". Presumably he stopped hunting other creatures, but if he did lose his sentience, was it restored by Aslan? Or is the bear still witless and speechless (not to mention virtually blind), but now a vegetarian?


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