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Funny / The Horse and His Boy

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  • Rabadash's Humiliation Conga. During a battle, he shouts "The bolt of Tash falls from above!" when attempting to drop swordfirst onto an opponent, only for his armor to be caught on a hook and he spends the rest of the battle flailing helplessly hanging from the wall.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke during Rabadash's trial, when Rabadash tries using the same line again, and Prince Corin quips "Does it ever get caught on a hook halfway?"
    • Immediately after, King Lune tells the ~12-year-old Corin not to tease Rabadash, because you shouldn't pick on those weaker than yourself.
    • Aslan turning Rabadash into a donkey. The narration goes on to note that Rabadash turned back into a human in front of about five thousand people, which results in him being called "Rabadash the Ridiculous". (Though seldom to his face).
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  • There is also the mention that Shasta and Aravis fought and made up so much they got married so they could do it more conveniently.
  • After Shasta objects to Aravis' method of escaping her family note , Aravis replies primly:
    "I did not do all this for the sake of pleasing you."
  • Bree says Aslan can't possibly be a real lion... unaware that Aslan is standing behind him. Then one of Aslan's whiskers tickles his ear, just as he claims Aslan doesn't have whiskers.


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