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Heartwarming / The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity

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  • The climax of "Dear Sweetie Belle", with Sweetie accepting Rarity as her mother.
    "I love you, Mommy."
    • Rarity recalling the times where the visited Sweetie Belle every college holidays and break; she was there for her first steps and the first time she used her magic by levitating an apple from her father's plate. And whenever she visited, Rarity would hold her while she slept and sing her lullabies.
    • The family's reactions to meeting Sweetie Belle after Rarity gave birth to her.
    Fluttershy: Oh, Rarity, she's beautiful.
    Rarity's father: (tearing up) A unicorn. I knew it. Unbroken for four generations now.
    • Near the end of the letter, Rarity tells that she made a startling conclusion:
    Maybe I was chosen as the bearer of the Element of Generosity because I gave my parents the greatest gift imaginable.
    I gave them you.
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  • Applejack's father's hat blowing onto her head after her parents have died, and Big Mac stating that that means their father wanted her to have it.
  • The end of the letter in "Dear Scootaloo":
    You have no idea how happy I was on that camping trip when you finally worked up the courage to ask me to be your mentor. That was the first moment I really felt like a big sister.
    And your big sister is always gonna be here to watch over you.
    Now turn around.
    Rainbow Dash
    Scootaloo, tears in her eyes, turned in confusion to find Rainbow Dash floating outside her open window.
  • All over the place in Morning Glory, but there are standouts:
    • Rainbow Dash and Applejack vowing to put the night's drunken fling behind them- and start a proper romance.
    • Fluttershy and Big Macintosh's chapter, especially the flashback of Fluttershy accepting Mac's proposal with a glomp and an "Eeyup".
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    • Lyra and Bon Bon's reconciliation, going from exes to engaged in one conversation.
  • Sweetie finally meeting her biological father Crescendo, and the latter's reunion with Rarity.
  • The intensity of Pinkie and Caramel's feelings for each other even during extended forced separation, and Luna merging their dreamscapes so they can be together while apart physically.
  • Rainbow Dash taking Applejack flying.
  • Let It Snow:
    • Fluttershy telling Big Mac that she's with foal, and hoping that they can spend all the Hearth's Warmings to come snuggled by the fire as a family as they are now.
    • After Rarity tells him that she's going to finally let Sweetie Belle know that Santa Hooves isn't real, Spike shows up at Carousel Boutique in full costume to let Sweetie keep her innocence a while longer. Foreplaying with Rarity where a cookie-pilfering Sweetie can see is kind of counterproductive toward that end, but it's the thought that counts.
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    • Time Turner visiting Dinky Hooves also disguised as Santa Hooves and, through her, giving Derpy a message of exactly how long until he'll be able to come back to her.
    • The real Santa Hooves showing up, and stating that Time Turner will be able to rejoin Derpy and Dinky for good once the coming crisis (the second Great Storm) has ended.
  • Rainbow Dash knowing that the vision of her falling, wounded and wingless, is real because Applejack is there to catch her.
  • Dimmy accepting Sweetie as his sister, and Rarity, Spike and Crescendo bonding over family troubles.
  • "Today, I Marry My Best Friend". Just all of it.

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