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Awesome / The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity

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  • Rainbow Dash saving foal Scootaloo in "Dear Scootaloo" after the latter is hurled off a cloud, followed shortly thereafter by blasting the one who did it into the next world (literally) with a point-blank sonic rainboom.
  • In Phases of the Moon, the crystal pony mare Esmeralda managing to seduce Sombra despite being as terrified of him as the crystal ponies were in the present day, just to get proof to convince Luna that he was up to no good.
  • The final defeat in the dreamscape of Feather Duster in "Cutie Mark Crusaders Dream Warriors" is basically a series of these.
    • Luna's unborn foal uses her magic and breaks into the dream world to reassure the crusaders.
    • Applebloom impales Feather Duster with a recreation of the very Sweet Apple Acres tree he destroyed in the Great Storm, Sweetie Belle blasts him with an epic high note, and Scootaloo dreams up a whole team of Wonderbolts led by Rainbow Dash and Firefly to knock him into the abyss.
    • When their foe still comes back, the magic of their friendship merges them into an alicorn and blasts him with a Rainbow of Light Expy.
    • Finally, the coup de grace of Applebloom literally bucking him into Tartarus.
    • As horrible a creature as he is, Feather Duster managing to not only survive but thrive in the dreamscape, all after a rainboom to the face, is very impressive.
  • Celestia vowing not to take any of Cadance's crap at the climax of What's Done in the Dark... and going into crisis management mode.
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  • The Mane Six unanimously sorting out the true and false visions in The King of Lies. Not to mention Pinkie taking the news of her impending death with perfect calm, only asking Belial to let her remember so she will ask Caramel to marry her while she still can- and getting Old Scratch to agree.
  • Twilight merging Brother Veritas with the contents of the Canterlot Archives.
  • Celestia summoning her full power to vaporize the Smooze.
  • Applejack rallying everypony during the Battle of Ponyville, then tapping into her traces of royal magic to summon Discord's dormant plunder vines and swallow the newborn changelings. Say hello to the Terra Queen.
  • Crescendo being unhesitatingly willing to sacrifice himself for Rarity, and Spike actually doing so for both of them.
  • Chrysalis finally having enough of Carapace's megalomania, realizing the changeling race needs to start over, and sacrificing her own life to transform him and the other converts back into their pre-changeling forms.

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