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Heartwarming / The Addams Family (1992)

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  • In "Sweetheart of a Brother", Pugsley drinks a formula which effectively makes him a "normal" person by removing all his quirks. His reasons for doing so is to get his crush to notice him, thinking if he were normal she'd like him better. While his family are indeed shocked by Pugsley's new desire to dust, clean, and forgo the pursuit of inflicting bodily harm on his sister and uncle for laughs, Morticia reminds Gomez that just because he's "different" does not mean they will love him any less, rather than spending the rest of the episode trying to get him to change back. Even if their own children suddenly became like everybody else, Gomez and Morticia would never stop loving them, proving that the two are exceptional parents.
    • A stark contrast to Addams Family Values, which sees the two panicking over the possibility of their infant son growing up to be an outstanding member of society and Gomez even falling ill because of it. Although this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Pubert's change is less of his own choosing and more due to an illness brought on by Fester's departure, so it's unknown how they would've reacted if Pubert had changed deliberately. There's also the fact that, despite their outright horror at what Pubert had become, they never stopped loving or caring for him, to the point that Morticia (albeit reluctantly) read him The Cat in the Hat. Gomez and Morticia may dread the idea of one of their children becoming "normal," but they would never mistreat them because of it.
      • Similarly, Wednesday was hoping to get Fester to help her turn Pusgely back to the way he was, but her reasons for doing so was that she didn't want Pugsley to give up his individuality, and she'd seen that the new Pugsley is a timid coward. Of course, she didn't actually partake in any schemes to undermine Pugsley's new personality.
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    • Much later, Pugsley snaps out of his "normal" persona after the girl he likes is being berated by the bully Pugsley used to be able to handle until he became normal. His crush was trying to defend Pugsley from the bully. After giving the bully the patented Addams Family treatment, Pugsley's crush states she is happy he's back to being himself, but she's sorry that she's soon heading back to her home country. However, she does ask if she and Pugsley can be friends.
  • There are also a couple of heartwarming moments during the episode "Double O Honeymoon". It was yet another example of seeing how much Gomez and Morticia truly love each other, but the real heartwarmer is in the ending, where Norman Normanmeyer, the neighbor of the Addams Family who hates them, actually seems to warm up to them after they save him from Ian Thundermane.
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  • When Lurch returns home after he quits being a cowboy in "No Ifs, Ands or Butlers".
  • Wednesday finding her Marie Antoinette doll unscathed all along and apologizing to Lurch for the earlier misunderstanding in "Little Doll Lost" (when Lurch launched Marie from the "Test Your Strength" game at Wednesday and Thing's indoor carnival, they thought the doll fell in the fireplace, but it just landed near the fire, as they later found out).
  • Lurch and his girlfriend getting back together in "Girlfriendstein".


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