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Heartwarming / Teach Me How to Win (or Live)

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  • Chapter 2: Making a Curve
    • Lightning and Cruz racing together at Willy's Butte, with Lightning giving Cruz helpful tips on how to get better at it.
    • Lightning displaying protective Papa Wolf tendencies when Cruz admits that Jackson insulted her in the previous chapter.
  • Chapter 4: Runs in the Family
    • Lightning, Sally, and Mater getting to meet Cruz's extended family, consisting of her aunt Carla, and cousins Pablo and Victor. Cruz was also generally very excited to see them again.
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    • Cruz states that she never really had an actual mother or father growing up, having only her aunt to take care of her. But upon noticing the apologetic look on Lightning's face, Cruz assures him that she doesn't mind as she considers her aunt and cousins to be her one true family.
      • Lightning also briefly realizes how much it meant to be a mentor to Cruz when he discovers that she never got to know her father.
    • Lightning then admits that he was never on good terms with his parents, prompting him to consider Sally, Mater, and everybody else at Radiator Springs to be his true family as they helped him become who he is now.
    • After being shown an embarrassing video of Cruz dressed as Lightning when she was younger, Sally decides to be sympathetic and say that Cruz looked adorable.
    • Cruz revealing that she plans on buying Carla her own house with the money she earns from racing as a way to pay back all the years she took care of Cruz. Carla is reluctant at first since Cruz would essentially be giving away all her own money, but Cruz insisted. Cruz would later tell Pablo the same thing.
  • Chapter 6: A Recurring Storm
    • Cruz is becoming reluctant in participating in the 2017 Piston Cup race as she's fully aware that Jackson's got the better of her, but Lightning gives Cruz some motivation by telling her that he believes in her and has fans that do too.
    • Cruz loses the race and fears that Lightning is going to be upset with her. Instead, however, he praises Cruz for doing a good job and assures her that everybody loses every now and then.
    • The other Next-Gen racers congratulating Cruz for her efforts, and try to convince her that losing was no big deal.
  • Chapter 7: Jerkson Storm
    • The Next-Gen racers coming to Cruz's defense when Jackson starts mocking her for losing to him.
  • Chapter 8: Stormy Weather
    • Cruz has bit of a nervous breakdown thanks to losing two month's worth of races, but Lightning assures Cruz that, winner or loser, he's still proud of her for her efforts.
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    • Jackson's dad calling him to tell him that he's proud of Jackson and apologizes for never being there throughout most of his life. That is, until we find out that it all just a lie in order to ask Jackson for money.
  • Chapter 10: Waking Up
    • After crashing into a wall and sustaining injuries due to pushing herself too hard, Cruz painfully breaks down that she failed Lightning. Lightning, however, assures Cruz that it wasn't her fault and that the only thing that matters is that she's okay for now.
    • The other next-gen racers and eventually her family visiting Cruz in the hospital, all being genuinely concerned about her current state.
  • Chapter 11: Crossroads
    • Lightning's brief Declaration of Protection to Cruz, stating that he doesn't want to see her get hurt anymore. Cruz is touched by this to near tears.
    • Gale checking up on a depressed Jackson. Despite his bitter attitude, Gale still shows legitimate concern for him.
    • When Cruz talks to the other next-gen racers about her fear of racing, they band together to try and help her.
    • Cruz decides to go to Thomasville on her own to overcome her issues. Lightning objects to this since he wants to go with her, but Cruz convinces him to stay since Radiator Springs is going to need him more.

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