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Heartwarming / Teaching Darkness

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Because of its size and length, it's hard not to find something that's going to tug your heart strings. Here's a few notables.

  • The "family" that the core cast makes up, Chao, cat and all. What makes it so is that you can actually watch and see them become such over the course of the series.
  • "... You don't really get to choose who takes up a special place in your heart, it just happens..."
  • Why did Dark name his cat "Tape"? Because "tape" fixes everything.
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  • "Thank you, Shadow... You don't know how badly I needed to hear that..."
  • Dark, being an insomniac, is unable to fall asleep, much like any other time. Mephiles, who is suspected to have narcolepsy, attempts to stay awake until Dark falls asleep, so that Dark didn't feel lonely. It doesn't work, as he falls asleep mid-sentence, and Dark, laughing a little, let's Mephy lean agais t him for the rest of the night on the couch. Mephiles wakes up the next morning to find that Dark had his arm around him by the time he fell sleep, himself.
    • "... You're the only one I'd do this for, Stupid Hedgehog... You know that, right? The ONLY one..."
  • Dark has clearly grown fond of Shadow and Rouge, as his first reaction to learning about who Kole was, he wondered if he had been replaced.

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