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  • Dark, while experiencing amnesia in the first quarter of 'Flux', finds Shadow's motorcycle model repair project interesting. He ends up with the cleanup rag superglued to his arm when he leans in to watch more closely, and, obviously, it's stuck to his fur. Earlier, Mephiles had noticed the scent of the solvent in the air, and wondered what made it so "super". This eventually leads to this gem as Rouge returns from the store:
Dark: *shrieks as the hair is more or less "waxed" off his arm*
Mephiles: Oh! THAT'S why it's called "super glue"!
  • Dark getting Shela, who seems to have it out for Mephy and Dark since here intro, kicked out of the hospital by drawing a lot of attention to her looking at private folders.
Mephiles: I've never seen anyone get tackled like that before...
  • To further rub in his victory, Dark then waves and sticks his tounge out at her.
    • However, the next story, she gets her payback, and reciprocates the same mocking action when Dark has to be handcuffed to a hospital bed to keep him from running away again. Dark is not amused.
  • Kai's regression back to a baby Chao eventually has him hatching again after several chapters pass. Once out of the egg, he rightfully freaks out, apparently having not been aware that he had reached the end of his previous life cycle and reincarnated as Chao do. His way to convey his frustration was to waddle to a stack of paper, grab a magic marker, grip it in both tiny paws, and write out "CHAO!" (The only word Chao can speak in universe), underlined twice, and hold up the paper, as if it meant something. Everyone else present that was not a Chao exchange confused glances.
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  • Mephy somehow managing to staple balloons to the wall as decorations and not popping them. Even Dark was baffled as to how that was possible.
  • Half of the situations that Mephy gets his tail crimped or injured in is a bit humorus. Notable moments include: Landing on it wrong, sitting unknowingly on top of a crab at the beach, getting chomped on by a baby penguin, then by said penguin's angry parents.


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