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Funny / Teach Me How to Win (or Live)

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  • Chapter 1: Like a Cloud (or a Rock)
    • Cruz getting hounded by the press and paparazzi, coupled with Cruz glaring at Lightning who is smirking at her from a distance.
  • Chapter 2: Making the Curve
    • Cruz tries to wake Lightning up for some early morning training, but Lightning didn't expect Cruz to wake him up a five in the morning and promptly falls back to sleep. It's only when Cruz decides to spray him with a water hose that Lightning fully wakes up.
    • Cruz continues to tease Lightning about his age.
  • Chapter 3: Definitely the Best
    • Ray's frustration with Jackson arriving to the racing center late (again) is pretty funny.
      Ray: Well, well, well, nice of you to finally show up.
      Jackson: It's not my fault, the traffic-
      Ray: Right, Right, it's the traffic's fault, isn't it?
  • Chapter 4: Runs in the Family
    • When Cruz's family arrives at Radiator Springs, her aunt Carla decides to show Lightning a video of Cruz when she was a kid dressed up as him, much to Cruz's embarrassment.
      Young Cruz: Look Tia! I'm Lightning McQueen! (strikes a goofy pose) Ka-chow!
      • And Lightning only adds to the embarrassment.
        Lightning: So it looks like you've always had a thing for dressing up as famous racers, eh?
  • Chapter 6: A Recurring Storm
    • When Cruz is on her final lap during the Piston Cup race, she asks Lightning for some advice.
      Lightning: Wait for an opening. After you come out of turn three, slam the door on [Jackson].
      Cruz: ... So basically do what Storm did to you on this very track?
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    • As her anxiety continues to grow, Lightning tries to motivate Cruz by reminding her of how she overtook him when they practiced. This was her response.
      Cruz: Yeah, but you're slower than Storm... Sorry! You know what I mean.
  • Chapter 10: Waking Up
    • Danny, Bubba, Ryan, and Chase all visit Cruz when she gets hospitalized from her crash. When Cruz asks if she looks bad, Danny unhesitantly blurts out that she looks beautiful. Cue to Danny turning his gaze in embarrassment, the other three racers laughing, and Cruz in stunned silence.
      Bubba: (laughing) Smooth, Danny. Smooth.

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