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Heartwarming / Tangled Adventures in Arendelle

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This Fanfic, with it's focus on relationships between characters has several heartwarming moments.

  • The idea that Rapunzel's presence in her father's life was so wonderful, she helped turn around the economy due to his newfound joy.
  • Rapunzel's reflection walking around Corona that everything's gone so right for her, so she can't help but feel proud and happy.
  • Eugene gets pulled into another hug, only this time it's a "goodbye for now" hug that's "everywhere he wanted to be."
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  • Rapunzel and Eugene are positively adorable in the beginning of their honeymoon: getting into tickle fights, making little jokes at each other's expense, and Eugene acting all concerned over something as simple as a coat for his wife.
  • Rapunzel's empathy is so great that after hearing Anna and Elsa's childhood story (not from them mind you, but from the family servants), all she wishes on them is to help them finally heal and be together...for the first time in forever.
  • Unlike so many newlywed couples, when Rapunzel and Eugene have their first fight, instead of them holding onto their angers, Rapunzel simply apologizes for what she implied, and they talk it out afterwards in a healthy manner.
  • Seeing Rapunzel bounce around happy making Hazelnut soup is wonderful, seeing how even in those 18 years of lies, something good could come from it.
  • The second meeting between the corona couple and the arendelle siblings. The first meeting during the ball didn't go so well due to Elsa's terseness and Eugene bringing up bad memories. However, in the 2nd meeting, what's the first thing Elsa does? Run up and hug the honeymooners in thanks for all their help around the kingdom during the big freeze.
    • Before the meeting though, Elsa gives a long overdue apology for shutting out Anna for all those years, and Anna in turn finally voices her forgiveness to Elsa, rekindling their bonds the day after summer came back.
    • Over breakfast, Anna and Rapunzel click with each other real fast, while their older significant others affirm their new solidarity with each other. Just seeing everyone happy after all the drama of the last couple days is a true relief and joy to read.
  • Anna and Elsa get to play again after ice skating, because it's time they finally build a snowman after all this time. So they go and build snowmen, make snow angels, ride ice slides, and have snowball fights. But the best part is where Elsa turns herself into Elsaf the living snowman, and they enjoy another warm hug together again. A shame then that these moments get interrupted soon after by their next challenge.
    • There's also how Anna saw Elsa's other side when talking about Rapunzel and Eugene. She saw that she considered them like family now.
  • There's a lot of drama that circulates between the main characters after Eugene is revealed as an ex-thief. However, one constant that doesn't change is that despite the mistakes she makes, and the tension between other characters, Anna's Undying Loyalty towards loving and supporting Elsa never changes. This involves breaking the tension between them by saying "I could never hate you."
    • Anna taking Rapunzel out on the town, giving her a bit of a laugh after all the trouble from the night before.
  • Olaf's surprisingly mature and thoughtful direction to Rapunzel on why it might help her guilt to forgive the sisters and forgive herself for her actions earlier in the evening.
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  • The reconciliation between Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel. So many feels, right down to Elsa inviting the princesses to her room for a sleepover.
  • Rapunzel and Eugene begin telling their story to Anna, Elsa and Kristoff (seperately, with the girls and guys paired off). Considering this is a lull between drama, and a time for hope and reconciliation after all the bad blood, it's kinda sweet to just see all the royals/royals to be just relaxing with each other, commenting on the great love story R&E shared with each other.
    • Particularly the adorable way that rapunzel falls asleep telling her story, prompting the sisters to lift Rapunzel up and place her in bed ever so gently.
  • The way Rapunzel talks about her magic hair to Anna, Anna insists that while not as flashy as Elsa's powers, she's still "The World's ultimate Doctor" with her magic hair.
  • While it happens in a not so great context, seeing Anna and Elsa comfort each other after a bad day is positively heartwarming.
  • Eugene's You Are Not Alone moment with Elsa, promising that for as long as he's with her, he'll be there to support and help her with her kingdom problems. Elsa's gratitude was so great, she smiled "the widest smile she had all day" and gave him a big hug.
    • This also extends to helping her talk about Elsa to the ice harvesters, where he talks about how for all rights, he ought to be angry at elsa, but he's chosen to forgive her and move on from it all.
  • After a day of anger between them due to their significant male others, when Anna finds out that Kristoff's gone missing, Rapunzel finally works through her anger thanks to her compassion. She then tells Anna they'll work together to bring him back to arendelle, and affirms that, "I promise to help you find him, and when I make a promise, I never break it ever."
  • Elsa's turn of phrase to Anna, snapping her out of her Heroic BSoD. Bonus points for using the phrase that started their misadventure a week before to get Anna to hear her.
  • Day 10 of the honeymoon for Eugene, Olaf, Pascal and Elsa was a surprisingly relaxed affair. No danger, no arguments. Just everyone getting out so that elsa can get to know her kingdom more.
    • Elsa comforting Pascal is all kinds of Dawww, because not only does she raise the chameleon's spirits after being separated from Rapunzel for the longest period yet, but Eugene mentions to Olaf that seeing her giggle is the first time he's actually seen her laugh.
    • Eugene draws a heart on Olaf, to demonstrate you don't need a physical heart to still have one.
    • For that matter, the way Eugene deals with Elsa is great. He supports helping her out because he can see a lot of himself in her, but at the same time, having not grown up in the same situation, he doesn't take any of her worrying and guilt. He holds her up, but also confronts her weaknesses in such a way that he's almost become like a second confidant to her.
  • Anna talking to Bulda and cliff, with Cliff even saying that if she really loved Kristoff, then all that bad blood back on Sunday is nothing to worry about.
  • There's something wonderful about Rapunzel's speech about how tired she is of fighting with the other humans, and how sick she is of being sad and hating the people she loves. As if there's some self-awareness about the whole business of fighting and making up that she wants to put a stop to.
    • And the two of them apologize to each other once again, only this time, "there was no crying." They'd finally moved past the rough parts to become truer friends.
    • The way Anna tries to comfort rapunzel. You can tell she just about sees her as a sister when she uses the same line that she did with Elsa about "the sky being awake."
  • Day 11
    • Elsa's initial training involves retracing her steps for her bad days last week. Unfortunately, she doesn't nearly have those memories handled as before, and eventually collapses a sad wreck in front of her parents's portrait. While her friends from outside the kingdom don't know how to answer Elsa's distress, Olaf runs up and gives Elsa a hug, saying, "Well, I still think you're pretty great." So Elsa melts into Olaf's hug, letting her tears of grief flow.
    • Anna, in preparation to make Rapunzel officially part of her family, decides to take up giving her an Affectionate Nickname: Punzie. It's so adorable how complete strangers but a week ago have now come close enough to even get nicknames for each other.

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