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Rapunzel IS related to Anna and Elsa after all
Not in the same way people typically think, simply because it makes no sense for her mom and dad to be sending their daughter off to visit cousins without telling her first. Rather, at one point in the past, one of their parents got separated, and thus the family thought they were lost forever. That child eventually found true love in another kingdom, and thus a generation later, the daughters were extremely similar due to that familial connection.

Elsa will commission lockets for Rapunzel and Eugene
It's mentioned in Chapter 7 that Rapunzel and Eugene were thinking about making lockets for each other as another way to remember their love aside from the "grandmother's wedding rings" they have. (if the Image Spot is accurate back in Tangled Ever After) So, as a small token of love, and a late wedding gift, Elsa will have twin lockets created for Rapunzel and Eugene. Only inside will be both families from Corona and Arendelle as a way for them to be "close to their hearts" forever.

Rapunzel will get her healing back at some point
If her magic is altering in parts now, a restoration might be around the corner.

Rapunzel and Eugene will be present during Frozen Fever
Since the author's getting more comfortable with playing with canon expectations, why not take the fic full AU and say that the corona couple could also be at Anna's party/romp around town? Maybe in the background while Kristoff, Olaf and Sven were protecting the cake?

Kristoff ran off to North Mountain to be alone for a bit...
But he also went up there to find Elsa's crown. He can't truly redeem himself to Anna at the moment, but he figured it might be good to bring his queen her crown back as a way of saying sorry.

On a separate note...

Elsa will have a "re-coronation" at the town meeting
Since she's about making up to the citizens after what happened at the first coronation, a re-coronation would be a good way to demonstrate that things are starting to turn around for her.

The "epilogue" of the fic
It's still a ways off, but here's where to predict what the fic will end on.
  • In another case of bending continuity, the last scene of the fic will be Anna feeding Elsa medicine (the end of Frozen Fever), happy, but then sighing.
    Elsa: Anna, what's wrong?
    Anna: I just wish that Rapunzel and Eugene could have stayed in Arendelle for my birthday.
    Elsa: I know. But, they already gave us a great birthday present. I was saving this one for last, since Rapunzel is our sworn sister. (Holds up a painting rapunzel put together for Anna of all the main characters together, with a signature painted at the bottom saying, "May we be tangled up in our adventures again. Love, Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus and Pascal.")
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