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Heartwarming / Stitchers

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Season 3 Episode 7

  • In a kind of "stitch dream", induced by the unusual mental structure of the dead person, Kirsten is in the empty Stitch Lab. One by one, all the people who she's "spoken for" appear in front of her, the last one being Ed Clark:
    Kirsten: I want to speak for Tom, the same way I spoke for you all, but I... I can't do it alone.
    Ed Clark: [appears before Kirsten] Yes, you can, Kirsten.

Season 3 Episode 9

  • Camille successfully wins back Amanda by serenading her in a bar, and it culminates in a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Cameron reveals that Linus has developed an oxytocin filter, and the overjoyed couple proceed to consummate their relationship.

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