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Tear Jerker / Stitchers

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Season 3 Episode 1

  • We learn that Linus's dad died in surgery and Linus couldn't even go to his funeral.
  • After spending so long as a major Jerkass, Blair seeks the gang's help when his son is killed in a hit and run. The stitch reveals that their last talk was a massive fight over his son getting married and yelling at his father and Blair regretting those were their last words. Even worse is the revelation that The boy was killed by Kristen's father who knew they would Stitch him and killed him just to give Kristen a message. As much as the gang may hate Blair, it's clear they feel sympathy for the man in this moment.

Season 3 Episode 8

  • It's rare to feel sorry for the killer but you do here. After former Air Force officer Fred is killed, Kristen stiches and sees him seemingly involved in an alien autopsy from the 1980s. They track down Rudy, the other officer there who had a breakdown afterward and was fired and since became a major UFO nut. He's even written books about his personal experience and the government covering it up while also giving payments to Fred for his ailing sister. Stitching again, Kristen discovers that Fred was trying to tell Rudy the truth: the entire "alien encounter" was all a practical joke by Fred and his sister. They had no idea Rudy would be affected to a breakdown and out of guilt has been covering it up but now feels he has to come clean.
    • The team confront Rudy about supposedly killing Fred and his sister. Rudy clearly refuses to believe that he's been wasting his life over a joke and denies what happened. When they bring up how the two were killed by a drone, Rudy snaps he doesn't even operate one...then turns to his wife. She tearfully confesses that she couldn't let Fred and his sister take away Rudy's belief as it was so important. She's led away as Rudy realizes too late how much of a waste his life has been and cost him the woman he loves.

Season 3 Episode 9

  • Ivy tries to explain (as best she can without breaking her double-agenthood) to the Stitch team why she's been in contact with Daniel Stinger, but they won't believe her and Kirsten even tells her:
    Kirsten: Just run on back to Stinger, so we can be enemies.

Season 3 episode 10

  • The final scene is a true heartbreaker: Thanks to a rough Stitch, Kristen has lost all of her memory of anything that's happened since joining the program. She's back to the cold and arrogant woman she was at the start of the series as she sits with Cameron, introducing herself. Cameron just stares, realizing Kristen doesn't know him at all and has to walk away, unable to deal with the woman he loves now thinking him a total stranger.
    • Even worse? Because the show was canceled, there's no resolution to this.

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